Clearing Switches for Healing the Wounded Inner Child - June 2021

Clearing Switches for Healing the Wounded Inner Child - June 2021

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Originally recorded June 30, 2021

"Absolutely Blown away at our switches event tonight. There was a point where I high fived the universe - I should say high vibed the universe. Sooooo awesome. Thank you beyond words. That was exiting and fun!!!" - Scotty M. / Hawaii

So great to receive this email from a listener right after our call - this was a good one, very deep!

This month's call was all about "Clearing Switches for Healing the Wounded Inner Child".  We went about 33 minutes total on this one and oh boy one theme that came through a lot was FORGIVENESS and that was so important for everybody on the call. We separated the clearings into sections Clearing Emotional Wounds, Clearing Wounded Related to Siblings, Clearing Wounds Related to Parents, and Healing and Uplifting the Inner Child.

As usual, I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.  

This is a 33-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)



"This call hit on so many levels and it was oddly invigorating knowing these things that we've been carrying for so long were being healed, so many great write-ins - what a gift!  My body reacted a lot with yawns and shivers and felt much lighter.  This will be great to play on low volume during our family gathering this holiday weekend - it can only help, let's see what happens!" - Sandy B / Florida

What folks wrote in about:


  • Feeling not wanted, because of an unplanned pregnancy

  • Feeling rejected by my father because he left when my mother got pregnant to be with another woman that he got pregnant at the same time 

  • Feeling judged and not enough because of a very critical and never satisfied mother

  • clear codependency 

  • Clear the inner child of being afraid to be seen and noticed for fear of criticism

  • clear all abandonment incidents and related wounds

  • clear all "it's not okay to feel or express anger", “anger is not safe” and leads to abandonment/rejection

  • clear any impulses and programming that cause me to knowingly and unknowingly hurt people emotionally due to my own emotional wounds as a child

  • clear the hurt and pain I felt as a child for being labeled "the bad kid" or "hard to handle kid" and the ways that made/make me lash out

  • clear the deep seated blame and shame I carry for how I acted out as a child and hurt and bullied others

  • clear the feelings of anger and disappointment I have for feeling misunderstood as a child

  • clear anywhere I've become desensitized or unable to have empathy for others because I never received it as a child

  • clear the feelings of anger for being unfairly blamed for something I did not do 

  • clear the need/responsibility/obligation to have to be the peacemaker

  • clear the feeling when I was little my so-called friends and even my family did not believe in me 

  • clear the emotional wounds I received when I was young and found it hard to make friends and also any resistance that my family had about me hanging out with others on my own.

  • I am filled with regret from my childhood

  • Clear the pressure to conform to society’s or other’s standards

  • I was abandoned by both parents and can't connect with others

  • I feel alone

  • Family, friends, and strangers have always made me feel as if I need them and I was lucky to have their attention

  • to overcome any abuse I have blocked out from my childhood that has been hindering my progress in life

  • Asking for full-out forgiveness from my inner child and asking for guidance in teaching me how to forgive others

  • Clear any conditioned programming that me or my family has for believing I'm not capable to do things for myself and be independent 

  • clear anywhere I picked up my mother's fears and beliefs and surrounding environmental beliefs while in the womb

  • Always feeling not good enough, smart enough or pretty enough by mother affecting my self-worth

  • Heal the orphaned spirit of my existence resulting in feeling I am not loved, or included or that I belong to a family of people who love and support me.

  • I’m afraid to be fully me, express what I want and shine, because I was always criticised.

  • I felt unwanted as a child, I was unplanned and I should have been born as a boy, not a girl. 

  • Growing up feeling unloved and unwanted by mother

  • Unhappy childhood lead to depression


  • clear having to be small to let the other siblings shine and/or to feel loved

  • I was bullied and humiliated by my older sister and my peers.

  • remove all blocks, resentments, life challenges and false beliefs that hinder the loving, connection of siblings and to inspire siblings to want to stay in touch with each other. 

  • clear the feelings of anger over my siblings ganging up and taking sides against me

  • Release all issues of being the first born and responsibilities of being responsible  for younger siblings

  • Asking for my daughter to be cured of the asthma and any other illness created by the grief of being adopted and her biological father wanting nothing to do with her for all his stupid reasons!

  • Asking for both of my daughters to be healed and cleared now and forever of any negative holds their biological father and mother has on them.  

  • My parents favoritism of younger sister. Giving her the things I requested. Making me feel unwanted and being told I was unwanted.


  • Clear and heal any illness and issues - physiological, psychological, emotional, spiritual because their birth father will have nothing to do with them & won’t let them get to know their biological grandparents

  • Please clear all of any stigma of adoption and any issues known and unknown from connections to biological mothers.  

  • my mother said " i'd rather have a carload of boys than one girl"

  • Nobody wanted me to be born into this world except my mother, she always loved me and still does. 

  • My family humiliated me ,except my mother. Also, most of the family from my father's side humiliated me, most of the uncles and aunts and also some cousins. I am the second child of four.

  • My father never accepted me in his life. I was never good enough, he tried to keep me small in every way possible till he died.

  • healing from flashbacks when I was abused as a child

  • deep resentment and hatred towards my mother

  • regretting that I had not gone to live with my father, wishing that my childhood had turned out different

  • Please clear a damaged central meridian due to my fathers physical abuse at age 5.

  • To be freed from feeling responsible for soothing my parents’ and other adults’ emotions so I can fully know and express my own emotions

  • Clear all childhood trauma and shock along with ALL the negative and limiting effects resulting from it on all levels of the body/mind/spirit. Then activate and integrate the spiritual lessons.

  • Clear all limiting vows, declarations, habits, patterns, programs, belief systems, defaults, and survival mechanisms established in childhood

  • clear any wounds I have resulting from the effects that my parents' dysfunctional marriage had on me

  • To overcome the criticism and control and being told what I want isn't important or correct, blocking me from living my own full life. 

  • Overcome the despair of the disrespect and neglect by my family.


  • Feeling loved and appreciated for just being me.

  • greater love and acceptance for family and friends

  • greater self worth

  • It is safe and comfortable to love and be loved in the here and now and across all timelines.

  • To be supported in all my interests and beliefs, even if they don’t mesh with Mom and Dad’s

  • It's now safe and comfortable to end Mental, physical, and emotional abuse that has been carried on for generations in families here and now and throughout all timelines.

  • Bring in divine healing and peace for all victims of sexual abuse and also those who love them, release the harm is has done to so many families  

  • It is safe and comfortable being me. I do not need the acceptance of anyone to know I am beautiful, loving, caring, and command the highest respect from those around me

  • To feel safe enough to shine without shame, guilt and fear

  • To bring in playfulness, creativity, wonder and joy unrestricted by judgement and worry

  • To value all memories of childhood and having siblings

  • What I want comes to me now with ease and grace

  • My adopted daughters can now live and love with open hearts to create the life of their dreams because of the phenomenal people they are!!

  • I am now cleared of detrimental bonds, ties, holds, judgements that my family had and has on me 

  • I am now free to live the life I was meant to live not needing their approval, love, attention or consent!

  • I am free of their judgements about me and I now live my life with an open heart, empowered, trusting, knowing and clearly hearing and following my inner voice to guide me through all aspects of my life on a daily basis!

  • To clear the path to my limitless vibrant full of energy self - for my true I AM to fully surrender and let go of my programmed self and to be a full-out universal human being.

  • To have a clear vision everyday to stay connected to my higher self so I can get my business launched so I can serve on a more grander scale.

  • To merge and instill confidence in my 2 inner children - the overgiving one desperate for safety and approval, and the angry, steely, closed-down one, desperate to protect herself

  • I now know I am important and cherished.

  • Heal love-attachment and manipulation of occult abuse at conception/birth and childhood creating fragmentation of my identity and soul

  • Please instill the concepts and frequencies of what fun and joy are 

  • I comfortably fit into my family circle

  • I am treated with love and respect

  • I can recall all the wonderful childhood memories lost to me

  • To open the path of divine existence/destiny with grace, speed, permanence, peace, joy and ease. 

  • To help the inner child with feeling safe and comfortable creating and experiencing joy in all that they do.