Clearing Switches for Receiving a Pot of Gold - March 31, 2021

Clearing Switches for Receiving a Pot of Gold - March 31, 2021

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Originally recorded March 31, 2021

We had a fabulous call this month... the energy was palpable about halfway through it was giving me the chills.  Amazing... all of us together in a group is pretty cool!  This month's call was all about "Clearing Switches for Receiving a Pot of Gold"  

We went just over 30 minutes on the recording and as usual had some great write-ins from everyone which we grouped into Clearing Money Blocks, Wishes and Dreams to Strengthen and Improve, and Positive Statements all about blocks to receiving more money, bring in your dreams about having your pot of gold and positive statements that strengthen that frequency. 

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.

This is a 36-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)

What People Are Saying...

"I was on the call tonight and I LOVED IT !  So much fun to "watch you work". Have a great night !  I will send prayer list for April tomorrow.  THANKS for helping everyone - you are a VERY VERY special person ❤️💐💙❤️💐" - Gwenn

"Wonderful session! Thank you!  You give so much love and it was so powerful!" - D.D. 

"I just wanted to thank you for this month's topic.  It was a sensational night. I must be doing a lot of energy work on myself because I began experiencing chills down my back as well.   Thank you once again!  Everyone had given it their all." - Janet G. 


What folks wrote in about:

Clearing money blocks

  • to let go of the idea that receiving and making money takes effort
  • to let go of traces of past money trauma and patterns
  • Release the roots, including all aspects and energies, of the belief that "behind every successful business exists a crime". 
  • All blocks to my financial success are cleared on all levels through all generations and throughout all space and time.  
  • I release any negative emotions and low vibrations connected to money losses I had in the past which could prevent me from receiving an abundance of money here and now
  • clear the reasons, excuses, blocks, issues and causes for why I procrastinate over working on my business
  • clear my lack of self confidence and lack of valuing myself  
  • clear anywhere I believe that it isn't possible to receive money very quickly
  • I am very tired of fighting for money and success
  • my current family are devastated by lack of wealth, where previous generations were very wealthy
  • clear anywhere that government and systems are designed to defeat us
  • clear my past childhood tapes/programming where my mother was always telling me I was low income.  
  • Release any fear and guilt over having good fortune, good luck and lots of money
  • clear the blocks to my belief that money has to be given to me.
  • clear the reasons, excuses, blocks, issues and causes for why I am not finishing my novel.
  • clear all lack of confidence. Fear. having a low upper limit.
  • Fear and guilt is blocking me from receiving my money investments.   
  • I have learned to equate money with love.
  • I fear being disinherited.
  • clear everywhere where I or my ancestors had it all and threw it away
  • clear the blocks to my belief that I can't make money and having to "work" for it is difficult.
  • clear my parents' money programs of being contracted, manipulative and "work hard"
  • Clear dark money directed to partisan politics and direct ALL of it where it could be better served helping people in need.
  • clear having always felt that getting money has been a struggle, and that doing things I love will not pay the bills so I have settled for jobs that don't fulfill me at all
  • clear the belief that money has been "the rate limiting step" all my life, always choosing the low cost option every time
  • I ask that money be restored to me and my family as the lessons of the "hungry years" are learned.  
  • please clear ancestral encoding of abandonment that tie one to family and/or family business not allowing the ability for self- sufficiency.
  • clear this reality of bad powerful people who use scams, falsehood and dishonesty - and strengthen my ability to discern truth from deception
  • I have seen an increase in receiving money but only in "small" amounts, like 10cents, 50cents, $6 please clear the feeling that there is some kind of glass ceiling effect at play that needs to be switched off 

Wishes & Dreams to Strengthen & Improve

  • to successfully fund any business endeavors and creative projects I chose to do.  
  • To have funding for any personal development and energy healing tool I would like to have.
  • To live in a luxury penthouse where I can enjoy inspiration, freedom and creativity. 
  • to erase ALL of my debt now and in the future, gifting me a better financial future than I could ever image or dreamed possible!    
  • to have the ability to build more businesses that improve my financial well-being but also give others opportunities to enhance theirs as well  
  • to have money to build my website which will help to better build individual's businesses  
  • to have abundance to buy good quality healthy food to eat.
  • to have abundance for setting up healing sessions with energy healers.
  • to have more money to retire now and to live a luxurious life 
  • to win millions on the lottery to buy my own house and to take care of my family
  • to have better luck finding nice friends and having lots of money making ideas
  • to have support for me to receive a positive outcome regarding legal issues surrounding Family Trust.   
  • to have my debts be forgiven immediately
  • to have more than enough money and never have debt and can give away unlimited amounts, 
  • to live and travel anywhere and anyway I wish.  
  • to bring in and help coordinate other like-minded souls who want to assist in creating new and just financial systems so everyone can prosper (US and beyond)
  • Show me ways to be more observant and connected to ways to bring in finances that help support my passions   
  • To immediately get back to, and then exceed, my previous best level/reference point of financial windfalls that flow through my businesses and other sources
  • To effortlessly draw to me the money and circumstances needed to live my goals and dreams
  • To immediately and effortlessly have the best home and car for us now
  • to be open to new opportunities and projects
  • to have the money to start my business, finish boards, live comfortably & give back to others!   
  • to have more money so I could improve my health and have more freedom  
  • to have money to buy a home, new clothes, better transportation, to afford body and energy work, to start a school/hot house community of creatives  
  • to always have a surplus of money to spend on home improvements, vacations and what brings me joy
  • to have all my bills and past expenditures always paid off on time with grace, ease & effortlessness, as money comes to me continuously.
  • to have plenty of money set aside to help my family, for retirement, to explore more of the things I really like doing, such as writing and creative endeavors 
  • to be open to connecting with and receiving my INNER “pot of Gold”  

Positive Statements

  • My pot of gold finds me here and now
  • I am overflowing with success wealth and prosperity
  • I have made and continue to make extremely lucrative investments
  • I choose to release the fear of financial success & welcome becoming a money magnet.
  • Money flows into my bank account like the mighty Niagara Falls.
  • I see financial abundance as something I already possess not something to be obtained
  • Miraculous synchronicities propel my life forward
  • The support I require for a magical life finds me and washes over me.
  • The abundance I require to move forward magnetically finds me.
  •  I allow money to come from sources known and unknown. Money now flows freely to me!  
  • Money is my great friend and I enjoy this friendship daily.  
  • money now seeks me to bring me joy and freedom   
  • I am positive, productive, appreciated and monetarily rewarded
  • I always have more than enough money for the things I need and desire
  • I am open now to receive my Divine Inheritance with humble gratitude and appreciation  
  • **All that I experienced in the past, present and future, in all time-space dimensions and reality only increases my self-worth & confidence opening the doors of Grace, Good Luck, and Divine Flows of wealth on all levels.  
  • I wisely invest the ever-increasing, soul-gratifying wealth coming to me that increases opportunity, global wealth, equality, and peace for all. 
  • I accept this and all future financial windfalls with an open heart and mind. 
  • I joyously and lovingly help others with this happy money as well.   
  • I am NOW ready and able on all levels, emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical to receive my financial windfall.
  • Huge amounts of wealth of money is now part of my present life on Earth.   
  • Money flows to me SO abundantly that I never have to worry about having enough ever again.  
  • I always end up in the right place and the right time to receive windfalls of money, all kinds of abundance, winnings, great discounts and large cashbacks.
  • Money is a friend and loves to hang around with me.  I am a rich person.
  • It is safe for me to enjoy having lots of money. 
  • I can relax and feel safe, letting me add more play and fun to my life.
  • I make good decisions on how to multiply my money and who is trustworthy to help me.
  • I am completely capable of handling large amounts of money.  
  • Managing a lot of money is fun, easy, effortless, I enjoy it, and it comes easy to me, as I am a great money manager  
  • I now receive a tremendous amount of money allowing me to live with ease and security and help those in need.  
  • More money than I can ever imagine and financial success NOW comes to me effortlessly, with ease, joy and happiness.