Clearing Switches for Restoring and Balancing Mental Health - May 2021

Clearing Switches for Restoring and Balancing Mental Health - May 2021

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Originally recorded May 26, 2021

This month's topic is near and dear to my heart because I lost my brother to a drug addiction.  It's important for us to work on this and become more grounded and at peace with the things that go on in our lives that are out of our control. 

This month's call was all about "Clearing Switches for Restoring & Balancing Mental Health".  We went about 35 minutes total on this one and really rounded things out well from beginning to end bringing things into balance.  We spent time at the beginning grounding folks and setting the stage and moved into clearings for Releasing Blocks and Patterns of Mental and Emotional Instability and then moved into Strengthening Support for Restoring Mental Balance. 

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.

This is a 35-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)



"Hi Jimmy and team, Just to thank you all for such a powerful event. I felt incredibly joyful throughout, big shifts!, and just loved experiencing tonight's event." - T. Diaz

"Prior to Wednesday night I was feeling hopeless and overwhelmed with family and stress. Since our group clearing session with Jimmy I feel lighter, happier, and carefree. Thank you to everyone who sent in their clearings and blessed me with things I never even thought were weighing on my shoulders. Blessed to know Jimmy and have his connections beyond knowing! Love you Jimmy!" - Rose


What folks wrote in about:

Releasing blocks and patterns of mental and emotional instability

  • For myself and everyone on this call: please release the programming, including the nefarious intentions behind them, that humans are born with ‘original sin’ …and heal the damages from this programing to my/ our, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies
  • Something goes wrong, I give up, disgusted with life, saying 'what does it matter anyway'.
  • Limited compassion, something goes wrong for someone else and I think 'ha, you deserved that for not listening to me'.
  • Something goes wrong, I give up, disgusted with myself, saying 'when will I learn that it is never going to work out, so don't even try'.
  • Release me & my teenage daughter from depression, anxiety, low body confidence, low self love & acceptance, fear of judgement & fear of swallowing tablets or capsules.
  • I release worry, anxiety, fear and any other mental health interference from my daily activities 
  • to clear the mental blocks I have about being left alone
  • clear old feelings of not having friends when I was in grade school even when I knew that this was not true
  • false beliefs that the teachers had about what I was and still am able to
  • Unrealistic escapist fantasies that leave me depressed with real life
  • Clear any Anxiety related to fear of not being support and feeling safe  
  • Clear all self hatred, disempowerment and addictions
  • I release any negative emotions, vibrations, and hang-ups brought on by news, social media, and situations or people around me  
  • close all openings, tears, & holes in energy body where energy leaks out and affects mental/emotional stability and ability to maintain energy levels.
  • mental/emotional stability without having to take medication for double depression
  • I release emotional reactions and overreactions and instead align with healthy vibrancy here and now.
  • I release chaos, drama, trauma and feelings of conflict and unsettledness, calling in instead peaceful resolution and wellness now.
  • I'm free of emotional guilt surrounding this event, illness, disease and disorder and I'm now free of the baggage that came with it.
  • I've released the need to suffer on behalf of my family, my parents, and for those that have this same issue,
  • to release any and all ties that held any form of violence or abuse in place
  • to live without fear and the stress of low self-esteem and release self over-analysis
  • to release nervous, habitual practices that get triggered by both family members and friends
  • to clear the negative effects of unrealistic media and social influences that keep me in mental stress
  • to release frustration and blame and replace them with satisfaction and I take personal responsibility for moving forward through life with purpose,
  • to release any attachments to the need to suffer, martyrdom, guilt, resentment, anger, and I rise up creating a new path and blazing a healthier trail
  • to release any and all hostile conflicts and traumatic events that triggered the any symptoms of physical or mental stress  
  • to be free of having unrealistic expectations, timelines and dates
  • to release any regrets or distorted expectations of would've, should've, could've that alter my perception of my source of stress  
  • release patterns of chronic crises and unexpected upheavals that have held my stress and issues in place
  • to no longer be addicted to the circular motion of my issues so I can learn all the lessons I need to from them once and for all

Strengthening Support for Restoring Mental Balance 

  • May there be ease and grace in living, supporting and coping with a family member or someone you live with who has mental issues.
  • I release stress, shame, grief, self-judgement, and depression from present/past and ancestral lives -- throughout all time, dimensions, space and reality.
  • forgiveness to all the mental, emotional, psychic, and spiritual abuse from my biological family’s mental illnesses, including the mental illnesses inherited from the ancestral lineage. 
  • I feel at ease in knowing, feeling it deeply within my heart, that there's a greater power through all time, space, dimensions & realities - known & unknown, seen & unseen, that I can actually, tangibly sense it's presence.
  • I choose to feel right now, a world with an awesome foundation of love, abundance in all areas of existence, equality, respect and just plain grin till your cheeks hurt - happiness!
  •  I see the world in my mind's eye as awake, joyful, unified, and unobstructed by people that have agendas that do not serve humanity for it's highest & best good.
  • I have the Mental clarity and capacity to move through my day
  • Install divine love of source, self and humanity to create graceful peace, joy and serenity. 
  • I am clear and easily know when I need to take a deep breath and center myself.
  • I am able to clearly know what my intuition is telling me.
  • I find it easy to meditate and renew my mental balance.  It is easy for me to stay centered and navigate my day.
  • I replace the dark times with love, compassion, and understanding
  • any of my relationships are in perfect balance of giving/receiving energy .
  • Low energy and/or Life force to function in life and live in Higher Self connected to Supreme Source.
  • I have wisdom and discernment over what I allow into my mental space and keep it clutter free!
  • I have the ability to thrive in these times of uncertainty and make the necessary changes in spite of any perceived fear.
  • allow me to live my life instead of living the life my family wants me to live and be their servant.
  • the parts.
  • I see myself as alive and free of stress  
  • I live free of over-thinking, brooding and obsessing about what is wrong and always finding the flaw
  • All my own and inherited auto-destruction energies are now forever removed
  • I know where when how and why to take great care of both my Mind, Brain and Physical Body so they are Healthy, Strong, Vibrant and work in Harmony and in Concert creating the Totality so much bigger and more Powerful and Fun than