Clearing Switches for Themes of Father, Masculine and Father God - June 2022

Clearing Switches for Themes of Father, Masculine and Father God - June 2022

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Originally recorded June 29, 2022

This month's call was all about "Clearing Switches for Themes of Father, Masculine and Father God". Over 50 clearings submitted by dozens of participants and separated into 4 sections and this one was definitely about quality over quantity. 

1) Allowing Forgiveness for Father and Other Men 

2) Healing the Relationship with Father

3)  Prayers for Balancing Masculine Energy

4) Blessings for Father and from Father God

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.

This is a 36-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only available by request)


"What the heck,  holy WOW I’m so grateful for the richness of that clearing, what an incredible community! And such humility, for Jimmy to give credit, as well as prowess in bringing it all together. I liken this clearing to a Thanksgiving Pumpkin Cheesecake, on a Gingerbread Cookie Crust. With a Cranberry Drizzle. Covered all the bases. Much joy, love, & blessings" ~Kate in VA

Allowing Forgiveness for Father and Other Men 

  1. Help me to forgive and make peace with all males figures in this and all my lifetimes who have been abusive, angry, mean, manipulative, unsupportive, controlling, and/or have taken advantage of me.

  2. Please clear, heal and remove all causes and effects of overbearing patriarchal energies in my ancestral lineage, my husband, myself and children and restore balance, harmony and wholeness within each of us. 

  3. Clearing and healing all historical energies around my brother and his spouse who disowned me.

  4. I forgive all the men in this lifetime and all timelines who have trespassed physically, energetically, mentally and emotionally.

  5. I forgive myself as I have trespassed myself and/or others with my masculine energy in this lifetime and all lifetimes of being in the male body. 

  6. Allow me to forgive my father for never listening to me, my needs, believing I'll never amount to anything and giving the money that was promised to me for my studies to my Aunt. 

  7. May I be forgiven by my father for seeking revenge, giving all my money away proving to him I'll never be anything and always dependent. 

  8. Allow me to forgive my twin flame for his rejection, lack of communication, and stubbornness, the " his way is the only way" attitude and everything that prevents us from being together in this lifetime.

  9. Allow me to forgive God for abandoning me. I'm supposed to be of service as a healer but all I've experienced is pain, struggle, loneliness and defeat. 

  10. It is safe for me to forgive any misunderstandings or harms I may have caused my father with my wild, childish ways, as well as any experienced by me from his staunch patriarchal ways.

  11. To forgive myself for not being able to, at the age of 2, forgive my dad for not being able to or choosing to be there for me.

  12. Allow me to forgive my not so successful past relationships and to open myself to  believe again in the love from a trustful, generous and sincere man.

  13. Allowing forgiveness for not living up to the expectations of my father.

  14. Please help me to fully forgive and release all of my negative feelings and reactions to my father's evil transgressions against me.

Healing the Relationship with Father

  1. I wish to clear the memories of homesickness and hidden trauma of my father not picking me up from any summer camps. 

  2. to find ways to deal with disagreements with my father about his trying to control how I will live without him once he is gone.

  3. to properly manage my money like my father does and not spend all of it at once like I sometimes do and buy useless things that often never get used.

  4.  Clearing all the judgment my father had toward me about my weight and the subsequent addictions and low esteem and life of struggle as a result.  

  5. Clearing all limiting patterns, emotions and beliefs that I took on from father and stepfather and clear all the limitations I learned about family, marriage and relationships.

  6. Please remove all negative causes and effects of non-present fathers in my ancestral lineage, myself, my husband and children. 

  7. I wish for all the cellular memories of low vibration I inherited from my father’s lineage to be cleared, so that only the positive elements remain and enable me to make progress and reach my goals. 

  8. I release my (departed) father's money issues, including all of the secrets, lies, frustrations, failures and deceptions.  

  9. May all the suffering that me and my father have caused each other in this life or in other incarnations be cleared and replaced with acceptance and love.

  10. I'm now releasing co-dependency with my father and the feeling of powerlessness.

  11. For me to move past the grief of losing my father, it's been 20 years and I still grieve for his passing. Part of me died with him when he died.

  12. To clear the belief that my father was the only one that cared about me and loved me unconditionally. 

  13. To heal the pain of not wanting to live anymore now that my father has passed. 

  14.  Please help me to release all low vibration feelings of self-doubt and mistrust caused by my father.


Prayers for Balancing Masculine Energy

  1. Please help me, my husband and children have our masculine energies balanced and always be filled and connected to the Divine Masculine

  2. Please help my husband and son to be respectful, kind, gentle, to value me and be a lot more supportive of me and less selfish.

  3. I wish that Divine Masculine Energy would clear my way and give me strength every day so that I can follow the path of my Soul with grace and ease.

  4. May each of our inner masculine-selves be balanced, with the inner Feminine-selves in a joyful, co-creative, loving and supportive way so we can lighten up, have fun, laugh, and relax with Source flow.

  5. Please allow me to fully live and experience normal intimacy that was stolen by my father.

  6. I desire to have a great masculine experience in this lifetime.

  7. Allow me to reconnect joyfully to masculine energy, having lost my father at a very early age and having grown mostly with women.

  8. Please help my husband to realize that he is married and not be a mama's boy anymore.

  9. Please sternly and lovingly persuade the masculine, and similar, energies to release their hold on dominating the feminine and instead proceed lovingly with the feminine.

  10. Please grant the masculine energies throughout all existence that are manipulating, sabotaging , and violating all... peace, humility, acceptance, and true love for the feminine

  11. Please guide the masculine energies in accepting, gaining, and carrying out the divine gift of peace, humility, acceptance and love.

  12. I claim a happy, healthy, balanced and truly harmonious relationship with my father, money and finances!!!

  13. I am ready for the perfect loving, generous, kind (male) partner to walk into my life!!!


Blessings for Father and from Father God

  1. I believe, think, feel and know that I am completely loved and accepted by Divine Father God and all discordant resonances within me are washed away now. 

  2. I release whatever blocks me from fully trusting in Father God & the goodness of divine masculine energy.

  3. I'm releasing all feelings of being rejected, unfaithful, unwanted, UNLOVED. 

  4. May I be forgiven by my Twin flame and Father God for any indiscretions and causes of upset.

  5. May I be forgiven by God for losing my faith, belief, the will to live and resistance to surrender.

  6. I believe, think, know and feel that it is safe and comfortable for me to allow my father to joyfully transition into the next plane.

  7. I gratefully receive and appreciate the care and stability my father provided for our family.

  8. I respect the benevolent father and reject all images, books, and thoughts of God the Father as an angry old man.

  9. To humbly take on the energy of a strong, loving, and protective father.

  10. Blessings for all fathers to know exactly how to lead their loved ones to a higher, more knowing and loving level.

  11. Blessings to create Joyfulness in a new life with better health and overflowing finances

  12. Blessings to clear grief from the recent death of my partner

  13. Blessings to have a good relationship with my children and husband 

  14. Blessings of Healing, Safety, and Love to all of the men/ masculine energy on this planet, and all galaxies.

  15. Blessings from Father God to learn to receive his guidance 1000% and trust it!