Clearing Switches for Themes of Independence- July 2022

Clearing Switches for Themes of Independence- July 2022

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Originally recorded July 27, 2022.

This month's call was all about Clearing Switches for Themes of Independence. The listener write-ins were separated into 3 sections with over 70 clearings. These were awesome contributions and I know you are going to feel the affects of this now and in the future.


And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.

The video and audio replay links are below, you can watch again or watch for the first time... it's just as powerful as having been listening live. And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expands and amplifies things in a much deeper way. 

This is a 31-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)

 What people are saying:

"What a sweet call, everything I could have possibly wished for was included, what a great group of amazing folks!  I especially appreciate your suggestions, as I have only just started to do my sway test or pendulum with my own made up lists.  Hearing the words works well for me, just want to experiment with seeing the words, and saying them out loud.  Looking forward to "Anchor's Away"!" - Love & Blessings, Kate

"Team Mack!!! I have never said "Yes" that many times in 30-minutes. I was giving high fives to the universe and just cheering the community's submissions. They are the best of the best!!! Over the fence out of the stadium into the cosmos for sure!!! So Honored to be on Team Mack!" - Scotty S. / Hawaii


What Folks Wrote In About:


  1. To have the Financial Freedom to Heal Myself and my Loved Ones with enough money to donate to others in need

  2. To have Freedom from a lack mentality and limiting beliefs, patterns, and programs and the idea that life is a struggle.

  3. To be free from the debt I’ve accrued on my credit cards, medical debts and loans.

  4. Freedom from financial drain, stress, debt, etc and freedom to live in massive financial independence 

  5. Freedom from worrying about my dog’s sickness and when and what is going to happen to him.  

  6. Freedom from feeling Physically, Emotionally and Mentally exhausted

  7. Freedom from being ALONE and without a Life Partner who Loves Me Affectionately, Passionately and Devotionally & Vice Versa

  8. to be free to connect to divine love and mutually beneficial partnership.

  9. Freedom from feelings of unworthiness and shame from past misdeeds. 

  10. Greater financial freedom so that I am able to travel more often and for longer periods of time.

  11. Independence to have abundant financial freedom without limits in all ways - Always. 

  12.  Independence from small and limited thinking 

  13. to be free from all financial and material advantages others use to exploit and hold unfair bargaining power over me

  14.  freedom from choosing the wrong livelihood, hating my job and eeking out a living in the low wage, slave grind to just make it by

  15. Freedom from any and all unconscious or conscious beliefs that were handed down to me from family members, society, or any other thought/belief pushers!

  16. Freedom from oppressive control by patriarchal structures that hurt everyone 

  17. Freedom from any depressive, oppressive "stuff" in life (whether from myself or others) 

  18. Freedom from others' energies that, whether consciously or subconsciously, that are pushed onto me and to be sovereign and free from picking up others' energies

  19. Freedom from all manipulating, sabotaging, violating energies and similar,  that are forcing agreements to suffer, be violated, sabotaged and blocked,

  20.  Freedom from having our energy taken and used against us, and being bound to suffering, pain, and fractured existences out of our control.  

  21.  I wish to be free from internally feeling the energy of pressure all the time no matter whether it's external, perceived or self-created.

  22. I wish to be free from the belief that I am not heard and when I am, I'm misunderstood.

  23. I would like to deeply strengthen my creativity so that it can help me to be financially independent.

  24. I would like to be more independent as a totally blind person and find new friends and a lovely girlfriend who also sees and knows what I can do 

  25. I wish for all my decisions to be based on my Divine connection to Spirit and to be free from any interference from my ego

  26. I wish to be free from any dependence on what does not serve my best interest, whether I am aware of it or not. 

  27. To have pure freedom from the programs and any energies that are binding us to suffering, pain, destruction and their slavery. 


  1. Wishing to be independent from my sugar and chocolate cravings.

  2.  Independence from alcohol, sweet treats, and junk food as "rewards"

  3. Wishing to go from gluttonous to being in complete self-control

  4. Wishing to go from believing in aging to looking young, radiant and sexy

  5. Wishing to go from lazy to completely motivated and energetic 

  6.  Wishing to strengthen my connection to feeling and being grounded in my body.

  7.  Wishing to delete and heal my skin histamine rash response.

  8. freedom from extreme debilitating anxiety tied to fear of failure, fear of success and whatever else lurks in there!

  9.  freedom from rundown life conditions/body conditions creating stress, inconvenience and severe limitations

  10. Freedom from long-term health issues and freedom to heal fully and live in full health 

  11. Freedom to support others in their own healing 

  12.  Freedom to financially support these great global platforms that I am honorably a part of so they can keep movin and groovin their Divine great gifts.

  13.  To have freedom from all energies that are keeping us from our pure, divine, whole, healed selves and to remain in that state always

  14. to be free of all dark maneuvers meant to ensnare and trap me and keep me stuck.

  15.  I wish to have the knowledge, the strength, the time and the money to do whatever is best for me, and always act accordingly.

  16. Independence for me, my family and my descendants from negative, constricting internal and external influences. 

  17. independence from the world drama, wars, gas prices, inflation, all things that affect our current world environment 

  18. independence from negative forces and clearings to strengthen the goodness in my personal etheric field of reality



  1. I am free and clear from all other peoples’ perceptions, projections, malevolent intentions, limiting beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions throughout all time, dimension, space and reality.

  2. I am free and open to receive more and more money, abundance, opportunities, support, collaboration, fun and play.  

  3. I am enlivened, free and clear in my creative element; inspired and empowered to joyfully create in harmonious, expansive and fulfilling ways with grace and ease.

  4.  I am comfortable thinking big and my imagination is unlimited!

  5.   My finances/income/investments are abundant!

  6. I am worthy and deserving of Independence from believing my financial abundance would have to come to me by being rescued by some man or through another person.

  7. I am strong, and I am Independent.  I truly believe in and attract miracles and abundance on all levels and in all areas of my life. 

  8.  I am now free from ALL limiting beliefs which have kept me from having the miraculous life I dream of.

  9. I am NOW and forever free of unhealthy dependence on others. 

  10. I am free to be who I AM and not what others projected onto me or what I projected onto myself due to my family, my siblings, my upbringing OR my DNA.

  11. I am the INDEPENDENT person I was always meant to be, the person I was born to be with all the love and knowledge I need inside me. And so it is!

  12.  I have an abundance of ideas for my fiction writing and I find the right words that will attract more readers

  13.  I have the freedom to enjoy miracles in my life 

  14.  I have the freedom to live with joy, freedom, delight, laughter, expansion, and peace

  15. I now have full freedom to express my gifts, creativity, purpose in the world and be received with great love by those whom i am here to serve

  16. I´m completely independent financially from my husband

  17. I´m independent from all old structures and demands in society

  18. I´m independent from my family's thoughts about how to act and be

  19. I am completely independent financially from credit card debts and from any debt connected to any financial institution.

  20.  I have the freedom to travel freely so we can go to these great events that serve humanity and this earth.

  21.  I have the freedom to have my very own place to live on the islands with a guest house and a state of the art studio.

  22. I attract a huge, unlimited amount of money making me independent from anybody else who tries to control me through their money and impose on me their lifestyle.

  23.  I attract a huge amount of income through the sale of my art , making me completely independent financially in a very fun , easy and  extremely prosperous way.

  24. I know the ideal supplements that will resolve my medical complaints and I am independent from all its effects on my life. 

  25. I celebrate my independence of thought, word and deed, which I express with joy & love whether teaching, writing or talking to a total stranger

  26.  I AM an independence inspirer!!!!

  27.  As I stand in my healthy & happy independence, my relationships soar! 

  28. I am free to be my sweetest most authentic and empowered self with others, which brings us closer

  29. My financial independence is rewarding on all levels - I love knowing that I deserve it 100% and am just SO glad that I gave myself this beautiful gift!!!!!

  30.  I am in the state of allowing: I am who I am and feel safe and comfortable doing and letting others be who they are, even if they can't let me be the way I am.

  31. One single wish - to have the freedom to do what I want, when I want, how I want, and with whomever I would like to do it with.