Clearing Switches for Themes of Intuition and Psychic Gifts - Dec. 2020

Clearing Switches for Themes of Intuition and Psychic Gifts - Dec. 2020

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Originally recorded December 30, 2020.

This month's call was all about Clearing Switches for Themes of Intuition and Psychic Gifts. 

We appreciate everyone's participation and amazing submissions for clearing fears and blocks and affirmations for strengthening your divine spiritual connection. We had a record number of people joining us live and we cleared the negative and strengthened the positive for everyone and we went deep - good stuff!

We had an incredible list of write-ins for this call so a huge thanks to all who participated and made this a very impactful call for all listeners now and in the future!

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand on things and cover the clearings in a much deeper way.

This is a 30-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)

 What people are saying:

"This was the first experience with you and your work. Extremely powerful. The heat was flowing thru me almost the whole time. Thank you so much for your work.  Light & Love, " - Janet G.
"Wow Jimmy! The call was so intense and powerful tonight. Thank you love." - Davia
"This was an awesome call. I feel so much lighter and happier within my energies. Lots of energy came through me. Almost as if I were in the tropics. Great stuff Jimmy." - N.P.




  • Clear misunderstanding/misinterpreting divine messages/signs or misassociating/misidentifying them due to religious/social/cultural limited belief systems, preconceived ideas, indoctrinations, imprinting from the collective consciousness, family and their respective upbringing
  • Clearing out any blockages to do with receiving clear intuitive guidance and signs
  • to remove any conscious, unconscious, DNA, genetic fears, prophesies etc. getting in the way of this happening with grace and ease and heartfelt love.  
  • to remove, release, transmute, transform any mistrust and unwavering fear that is preventing me from using my psychic abilities for the highest and best good.    
  • clear the fear of connecting with others, especially those not in form, due to trust issues or fear of being deceived, used or abused.  
  • clear long-term ancestral persecution for healers and that we blocked our intuitive gifts and our connection to our higher power in order to survive.  
  • please reduce anxiety, worry and uncertainty from myself and those also dealing with the same when connecting in with higher guidance
  • to release, uncreate, and destroy all subconscious, religious, familial, blocks and fears that are keeping me from being intuitive and experiencing my psychic gifts.  
  • clear any blocks to knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that my intuition is speaking to me 
  • my top concern for contacting/speaking to Spirit is if I’m doing it correctly - inviting them in correctly and asking my requests correctly.   
  • Please clear any and all blocks to me receiving clear intuitive messages, signs, symbols etc..  
  • clear any lack of energy and trust in my judgment  
  • clear any blocks of self-sabotage to aligning with my divine, spiritual connection  
  • remove doubt regarding my psychic ability and to readily trust my own capacity  
  • to get out of my head and monkey mind, to stop overthinking the process and be more present.   
  • to receive more discernment between Intuition and Monkey Brain or Noise 
  • to drop the thought current: 'it is not happening for me"  
  • to clear all blocks to following my divine life plan 
  • to clear any blocks to sensing subtle energies moving inside my body  
  • to clear all blocks to my clear Knowing and understanding of my divine guidance at all times
  • to clear all blocks to my living my highest potential in the highest timeline and reality in my highest good and as quickly as possible
  • clear any blocks to feeling safe in my physical body and releasing the health challenges that present to “protect” me   
  • to release fear/resistance/procrastination in being “public” with my gifts and charging money for helping others  
  • clear any blocks to knowing and showing my hidden gifts with ease and grace.  
  • clear any blocks to when I'm sleeping and how it puts me in a fearful state and that I have bad dreams or visions  
  • clear any blocks to finding the right space, place, location and environment for my gifts to be appreciated and valued.  
  • clear any blocks to having motivation to move forward with my purpose without worrying about others first.  
  • else that is making me feel stuck from moving forward and accessing my spiritual and psychic gifts.  
  • clear any belief that I can't do it.. to learn, practice, start working with clients;  and the false belief that "other people can do it but not me"  
  • clear any blocks to being wildly psychic and then "losing it" for whatever reason, and any blocks to getting my 'knowing' back


  • strengthen my alignment and connection to Spirit and the feeling and knowing that I am worthy, deserving and more than enough to have, receive and feel that connection.
  • to have optimal alignment to channel our Angels, Guides & Higher Self's guidance
  • to receive the experience and knowing of every psychic gift and ability, and all the clarity thereof, that is already mine by divine right
  • to operate from my highest-self perspective with maximum/clear access to my intuitive gifts with grace and ease.
  • to receive more tools for my psychic tool belt with ease of accessing these tools and an understanding in how to use these tools.
  • to receive my next psychic steps -- and for more psychic confidence and trust to take these steps.
  • to receive clear interpretation of reading Angel cards or other cards and hearing the message clearly 
  • to instill clear discernment and trust in my natural intuition
  • to be as accurate with my knowing and healing abilities for myself, family and friends as I am with total strangers 
  • to have my dowsing and muscle testing to be clear, accurate and informative.  
  • to have greater accuracy with intuiting and clearing things for myself and getting the fastest results using the best modality 
  • to know how to clear any interference, so I get the most accurate answers   
  • to open my psychic and intuitive gifts to their fullest extent and waken those I am not aware of yet or that are dormant   
  • to know clearly with all my senses and without a doubt what an issue is and to have the discernment and confidence to know that I have cleared it.  
  • to receive 100% accuracy of my pendulum reading or other form of divination I may use.  
  • to begin using our divine gifts to realize how strong we are when we are united in purpose and resolve  
  • to embrace and willingly share my unique and intuitive gifts with healthy boundaries
  • to ask for, receive and trust clear signs and to receive evidential confirmation of my messages
  • to use my own divine inner guidance to create peace, prosperity and visionary leadership for our beautiful world
  • to ensure I am a neutral and clear channel for intuition and insight and I am out of the way and not affecting the incoming information
  • to have full access and complete alignment to using my 5 claires, especially clairvoyance and clairaudience
  • to increase my confidence in my abilities as a healer and standing in my power.   
  • intuition and insight are without any interference and pure truth for the situation from Source
  • manifesting insight for the highest good as quickly and permanently as possible  
  • to trust my intuition and listen to it better and not be afraid to communicate back to it as well
  • to maintain focus to receive and notice signs, remove distractions and clear scattered thoughts   
  • to be able to clearly understand messages being given to me through dreams.  
  • to know how to connect and communicate with my pets and animals, especially my dog   
  • I see angels in my office and would like to strengthen my ability to know their purpose 
  • to have greater clarity and knowing for how to connect with a specific spirit & also how to know which spirit I might be receiving messages from or "talking" to  
  • to have my healing and psychic abilities amplified and the symbols, energy and messages that I receive be clear, accurate, and meaningful.
  • To be more attuned to daily signs from my intuition and Spirit, so that I can create a better day for myself and those around me  
  • to return to the fun and joy of meditation so I clearly hear the voice of God  
  • to gain clarity, strength & confidence for receiving & interpreting signs & messages & know when it is my overactive mind which seems to always be "on"  
  • to have the wisdom to know when and how to share received information and insights with people  
  • to have the ability to maintain healthy boundaries between myself and the information I receive as an empath
  • to cultivate and grow our intuitive skills as fast and fun as possible   


  • I am good enough/worthy to remember the magic that is me. 
  • I have a good confident positive vibe so I can focus on solutions for how I can serve better than ever with clear heart based decisions.  
  • I am in my high vibe state of Wonder now more than ever!!!  
  • I know when to tune in to my intuition and when I need to turn it on  
  • I understand beyond knowing of being and living in my heart and I allow my heart to drive and lead my head.  
  • I trust and follow my intuition, knowing that it will always lead me to my truths. 
  •  All the limiting beliefs and blocks have been dissolved from my being and I am spiritually awakened and enlightened and I always remain healthy, happy and blissful  
  • I perform healing of any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues and situations pertaining to me and others very efficiently and effectively by using My Liquid Fish or any other modalities. 
  • I have excellent intuitive powers and I use it with grace and ease for the benefit of all
  • I keep my vibration high so I can be of more service to others and not get dragged down with the 'naysayers.' 
  • I can access my creativity easily and I am able to produce great works inspired by my divine essence that will awaken the divine spark in others.  
  • I am able to to be connected to Source to create consistently without fear of rejection, distractions, or worries about how I will make money from my creative pursuits 
  • I enjoy being creative and productive and it gives me and others great pleasure and healing when I use my gifts for touching others and I am abundantly rewarded in more ways than one. 
  • I am clear in my purpose and I realize what my gifts truly are and I am confident in them.  
  • I have perfect, permanent, alignment and connections to the field of infinite possibilities and potentiality along with all those that are here in love to serve me in and for my highest and best good!!  
  • I know that higher guidance is always available to me and I hear and receive it clearly more and more every day  
  • I see and feel energy more strongly than ever before and my ability to connect and translate it's messages gets easier every day 
  • I am opening up to allow more gifts to return/emerge/strengthen and have the discernment to understand and use them properly
  • I am making a Quantum leap with all my unique gifts as an artists & healer for the benefit of all   
  • I have a strong connection to my angels and my Healing gifts
  • It's safe for me to channel an entity and receive downloads for my (or others')  highest & best guidance
  • I am expressing freely all the psychics gifts which are mine as to help any other life form  and myself.
  • I am receiving all the downloads from angels, ancestors, ETs, Divine Sources without letting my ego doubt and block any of these communications , and I remember them and allow them to fully integrate me.
  • I release any block and tendency to procrastinate that prevent me to move forward and bring to life my artistic creations so I can fulfill my  purpose in this lifetime and other lifetimes and other timelines. 
  • I have an unwavering belief in myself and my intuitive and psychic abilities