Clearing Switches for Themes of Learning-  September 2020

Clearing Switches for Themes of Learning- September 2020

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Originally recorded September 30, 2020.

This month's call was all about clearing themes of learning and unlearning. 

We had an incredible list of write-ins for this call so a huge thanks to all who participated and made this a very impactful call for all listeners now and in the future!

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand on things and cover the clearings in a much deeper way.

This is a 30-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)

 What people are saying:

"I have to acknowledge the profound level of Love frequencies flowing through the last ‘Clearing Switches for Themes of Learning’  Sept 30th.  It felt like a bath of cosmic Light that filled the soul and soothed the traumas of learning throughout this lifetime.  It was a humbling event with numbers of participants whose insightful requests were not only for themselves but requested “and for everyone on the call”. The effect amplified the energies, creating a camaraderie that we’ve all been there and were releasing and healing similar traumas of learning. It was so beautiful!!!... for lack of words to describe it. Quantum gratitudes to Jimmy, with his masterful orchestration of the energies, to the Assistants of Light that were involved, and to the participants on the call." - Diane L




  •  to unlearn the resistance to doing anything to better myself
  •  to unlearn using food for everything other than to nourish my body
  •  to unlearn being lethargic, unmotivated and having melancholy
  • to clear the upset over taking classes for teaching people with disabilities (like blindness) and the instructors not having a clue or investing in the proper equipment or software required for learning 
  • to clear the frustration of paying big money for classes but being disappointed with the training received
  • to unlearn using food/sugar/sweets for emotional eating/self-sabotage especially when frustrated and irritated
  • to release depression that causes me to overeat, under exercise and not even want to get out of bed  
  • to unlearn procrastination and overwhelm when working on a project 
  • to unlearn procrastination on my own self-care
  • to clear procrastination and lack of follow thru on getting rid of clutter   
  • to unlearn becoming distracted by things
  • to unlearn any and all issues with communication and speaking
  • to unlearn and dissolve any speaking blocks and instill word/thought fluency
  • to unlearn letting fear get the best of me   
  • to delete out any unconscious/subconscious, known and unknown bad habits that sabotage my success in learning/speaking/teaching/meetings 
  • to delete out all limiting beliefs about my ability to do Matrix Energetics and any blocks to seeing massive results for myself and clients
  • to delete all limiting beliefs for all people on the call regarding the ability to learn and access any healing modality
  • to delete all limiting beliefs for all people on the call surrounding money, and how quickly positive change can occur.
  • to delete all limiting beliefs for all people on the call about being a victim and being powerless.
  • to unlearn the belief that "this kidney disease will only get worse." and replace it with:  "I can do things to preserve my kidney function."
  • to unlearn the belief that "learning new information takes a lot of time and energy" and replace it with, "I can gladly bring in new knowledge efficiently."
  • to clear any blocks that need to be healed regarding my son's learning Algebra so he can pass the class he is now taking.
  • Turn off all the switches that cause brain fog, confusion, mental blocks or misunderstandings whenever I study, hear, see or read anything complex -- including all technical charts & graphs on all subjects of science, finances, math, medical, legal, historical, social, cultural and political.
  • Turn off all the switches that cause me to be weak, hesitate, trip-up, lose balance, stumble, fumble and have limited sense and vision when engaging in all physical activities/movement and sports


  • to learn to exercise my willpower to avoid / dissolve sweet cravings  
  • to learn how to have better people skills.   
  • to learn how to better organize my thoughts and express them clearly
  • to learn how to be more comfortable in large groups - social or business situations
  • to learn to have perseverance to declutter and instill a "Let Go" mentality   
  • to learn how to surrender and go with the flow naturally trusting in the highest outcomes
  • to learn to find peace with and acceptance of "what is"
  • to learn more self-love & self-compassion  
  • to learn how to genuinely forgive myself and others
  • to learn and improve on my focus and follow through
  • to learn the best practices for having positive communication 
  • to learn better focus on the most important tasks/ priorities and take them through to completion.
  • to learn to access my inner wisdom with love.
  • to learn how to activate and use my superpowers!  
  • to learn better study and test taking skills   
  • to have more energy so I can better help my children with their virtual school efforts.  
  • to learn how to master handling my personal finances so I can have more money come in and less go out.   
  • to easily maintain drive and motivation towards achieving a study/learning goal.
  • to have clear inspiration and discernment for my next best move forward with my project for optimal results.
  • to install the ability for all people on the call to easily learn and adapt to any changing circumstances, especially in ways that bring in ridiculous amounts of money to be a steward of.  
  • to install the knowledge for all people on the call that each person is powerful, and not bound by past results or current circumstances, and that positive change can manifest so quickly that it's startling.  
  • To have my friends support my educational goals and find competent and inspiring instructors 
  • to have the ability to understand the needs and requirements of anyone including animals and nature.    
  • to have the same knowledge installed for every person that hears these words to have the same experience for every healing modality or esoteric practice that the listener knows or will know.
  • to learn by opening any door, or following any path that elevates my vibration and helps to fulfill my soul's purpose in this lifetime 
  • to be able to follow through on things I have already been drawn to learn, prioritize the list, and achieve the completion that my soul needs
  • to organize, access and assimilate the things that I want to learn, have already learned, and information that I've acquired
  • to have the ability to take action in the face of fear, expand my comfort zone and live free from anxiety.  to turn on all the switches for understanding teachers, speakers and writers with great clarity, logic, wisdom and knowledge and to retain and recall all the information and data that is presented.
  • to turn on all the switches for having greater balance, strength, grace, speed, accuracy and spatial awareness in all sports and physical activities  t
  • to turn on all the switches for having a photographic memory, strong common sense, street smarts and great logic 
  • I  have sharp memory and wisdom and I accomplish my office and personal work very efficiently with grace and ease. 
  • I participate and conduct meetings and discussions very efficiently and I always get the desired outcomes in my favour. 
  • It is effortless & energizing to talk about teaching in a magnetic way that communicates the essence of my offering. 
  • Fresh opportunities for workshops come my way, in perfect timing!     
  • People are always good to me and they extend their help and cooperation for my highest good. 
  • May all teachers be enthusiastically & graciously remunerated & respected!   
  • My teaching efforts come together effortlessly - the perfect space, perfect students & perfect me  --  We meet and make magic and everyone feels the great benefits of the experience!