Clearing Switches for Themes of Loss -  August 2020

Clearing Switches for Themes of Loss - August 2020

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Originally recorded August 26, 2020.

This month's call was all about clearing themes of loss. Have you recently suffered a loss of work, a loved one or pet in spirit, lost innocence, lost health, lost youth and vitality? Sad about your current situation?  Feeling stuck?  Can’t get ahead?  Stuck in the past? Still sad over lost relationship or lost love?  Would of, should of, could of? Looking back with regrets of moments not seized? This one was about what you feel you’ve lost and what you’d like to reclaim!  

We had an incredible list of write-ins for this call that we grouped into Lost Love, Lost Relationships/People/Pets, Lost Opportunities, Lost Jobs, Financial Loss, Physical, Mental and Spiritual Loss.  And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand on things and cover the clearings in a much deeper way.

It's always so cool when you hear the clearings that others have written in about and you have that moment of saying, "Oh I wish I thought of that, that's so me!"  So a huge thanks to all who participated and made this a very impactful call for all listeners now and in the future!

This is a 30-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)

Here's what people are saying:

"Dear Jimmy, a heartfelt thanks for last nights call, I really felt a powerful shift. I don’t know if you remember us now but I had a few sessions with you, the last one was re my partner who was ill and in a nursing home. He’s been home now for the year, with all the bungling our NY governor did with nursing homes I’m glad he left in time. It’s not been easy cooped up with him all this time but the clearing of my resentment really did work, it was like a ton of weight left me. Thanks again." Victoria / NY


Lost Opportunity- Lost Job - Financial Loss

  • Clear the feeling of anger and fear over my husband/wife being laid off.  
  • Clear the fear of financial loss and loss of medical benefits  
  • sadness over family members and friends who have lost their jobs and income due to Covid-19
  • clearing for past money mistakes and investments, lost money jumping into quick fixes and supporting others. 
  • Lost 10s of thousands in credit card debt and high interest rates
  • Being taken advantage of by others in sales that I thought had my best interests 
  • Spent over a hundred $127K in student loans and do not have a thriving career
  • I want to clear all the past money mistakes and claim it all back 10 fold in the blink of an eye. 
  • Lost opportunities due to my poor decisions and bizarre reversals  
  • loss of a full client calendar   
  • lost opportunities (haven’t lived up to my potential) 
  • Instill the energy, joy and confidence of seeking a new job and having a new opportunity unfold rapidly.    
  • I feel sad that lack of money has held me back from fulfilling 98% of my dreams: hobbies, travel, alternative health care for myself, spiritual growth programs, home ownership
  • lack of ability to set myself up with a healthy retirement income and more affordable housing
  • please clear my myriad of would’ve, should’ve, could’ve and let them R.I.P.  (rest in peace)
  • To clear the loss of receiving, giving and sustaining successful money and wealth.  
  • Lost opportunity and regret that if I had waited for another 3-6 months my condo would have sold for double... but the bottom line is I wish I hadn't sold it at all.    
  • lost years of my life through being forced into a religion I never wanted in childhood. 
  • lost years of my life consumed in taking care of a sick person that I never anticipated happening   
  • grieving over lost and wasted time

Lost Love - Lost Relationships/People/Pets

    • Still feeling loss for a high school classmate who committed suicide in 2002, feel her life force still around me and want both me and her to move on as I know I should not be feeling sad anymore
    • Lost Great Aunt (she was like a mother) and feeling guilty
    • lost 3 pets of 10 years and more, within 6 months
    • Loss (death) of our 2 cats in 2020 
    • Three kitties passed into spirit April through July.  Continue to release grief, bring in healing. 
    • Deaths of children and husband. Stuck in Grief and heaviness. Feel won't love anything or anyone again for fear of losing them to death.  
    • loss of my loving relationship with my spouse and wanting to renew and reclaim it  
    • lost my ex and I pray & feel he is returning to me. : )
    • Loss of my marriage
    • Loss of my Twin Flame and of the Love of my life.   
    • Release hurt and grief over a lost relationship with my partner - wish to create possibilities of reconciliation and being together as a couple again if that’s meant to be.  
    • loss of time wasted on the wrong relationships  
    • Deep grieving/loss of past romantic relationships (getting dumped, deaths, rejection)
    • I feel sad that I never found the right romantic partner to build and share a life with, have a family with, and grow old together with.  
    • Loss of close friends and family which I believe I could’ve helped Heal/survive longer
    • loss of romance and passion in my relationship.  
    • the loss of emotion/discernment between being in love with someone and just loving them through habit.    
    • hung up on crush, feeling of loss of potential relationship   
    • I feel I am blocked by a past love since separation many years ago. We are still very much in each other's lives, raising a child together, she is my best friend and emergency contact.  Despite my comfort, I feel I need to do something more to move on. have moved past our lives together romantically, and I do not want to go back - but I still feel like it is preventing me from finding someone else.  

Physical, Mental & Spiritual Loss 

  • Loss of kidney function
  • Loss of physical contact with friends and family due to Covid-19. 
  • Lost my motivation and inspiration to exercise daily
  • Lost my lean figure and muscle toneI have lost the ability to allow my emotions to flow freely and want to know that I am safe in their expression
  • Loss of creative and inspirational ideas/sparks that pop into my head, forget to remember people’s names, numbers, speak words correctly or forget the right words. 
  • Turn off the switch for losing my height due to age or health problems and turn on the switch and hormones for me to grow taller 
  • Loss of my whole social structure—even though I’m an introvert..... grieving not being able to have in-person contact Wish for safely socializing again including dancing and taking classes.  
  • Tooth loss problems and issues with spending so much money with a dentist throughout our lives
  • Loss of connection and closeness with friends and family members over differing beliefs and other conflicts
  • Loss of dignity and trust after past sexual assault/ and later a peeping Tom
  • Loss of freedom/desire to be seen, feel like I'm hiding in plain sight.
  • Losing control of myself too easily over anything, overreacting with drama, upset, sense of urgency, can’t be calm, patient and level-headed and don’t want to listen, nor cooperate.
  • Loss of fun in my life
  • lost of trust in my intuition
  • Loss of motivation and passion in my work
  • Loss of time alone in my home
  • Loss of youthful vitality
  • Loss of peace and security 
  • Lost the will to clean house from depression
  • Somewhere along the way, I have lost my confidence.  Please turn on my confidence switch.
  • Loss of belief in magic & miracles
  • Loss of trust in people due to deceits and betrayals
  • Loss of self in relationships/losing identity/getting off-track
  • I feel sad for my lack of zest for life and hence the sense of having lived an unfulfilled life at my age (61) 
  • Fear of allowing myself to have and feel desires as disappointment feels worse 
  • Clearing separation and feeling like I have to do it all alone…in all areas. (Relationships, money, source etc)   
  • Loss of faith in one's soul self to take on and conquer insurmountable challenges that we all too often avoid
  • Loss of the clarity that comes from innocence, to know that which is truly important in this lifetime
  • Loss of joy, love and wealth since childhood
  • Loss of time and freedom due to current Covid19 situation
  • Feeling stuck/life in 'pause' mode/uncertainty of the future
  • Loss of personal drive and inspiration to move forward on a daily basis
  • I lost confidence in myself and I want to really trust myself, trust my intuition, trust that I am capable, and worthy,
  • Clear the loss of my high vibrational body and mind set
  • Clear the loss of my connection to God, my higher self and gifts of clairs
  • Loss of my passion and zest to life. 
  • I've lost my tolerance.  I feel judgmental and impatient and can't seem to shake it. 
  • Clearing for the loss of trust and cohesion in the world
  • Clearing loss of faith in humanity
  • Clearing for the loss of empathy, respect and dignity for families suffering in this pandemic
  • Clearing for the loss of compassion between people of different races and beliefs
  • Clearing for loss of innocence for children whose families have food insufficiencies, lack of abundance, and their fear of people who will hurt them or their family without justification
  • Restored Trust - in myself and others.
  • Restored Innocence and Playful - Self-expression
  • Restored Self-Confidence
  • Reclaim the feeling of being limitless & powerful
  • Reclaim the ability of doing magic 
  • Reclaim the deep knowing that miracles happen for me and that anything is possible