Clearing Switches for Themes of Mother, Motherhood, Mother Earth - May 2022

Clearing Switches for Themes of Mother, Motherhood, Mother Earth - May 2022

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Originally recorded May 25, 2022

This month's call was all about "Clearing Switches for Themes of Mother, Motherhood, Mother Earth"This was a "beefy" call, we went deep into places we've never gone before and it was fantastic and powerful - for real! Over 90 clearings submitted by dozens of participants and separated into 3 sections.

1)  Healing the Relationship with Mother/Mom

2)  Prayers for Embracing Motherhood and Womanhood

3)  Blessings for and from Mother Earth 

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.

This is a 35-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only available by request)

"Dear Jimmy, The Mother Earth clearing and healing was wonderful. I still feel the energy. You are such a warm, intelligent healer. Wish you were my neighbour. Thanks and love," - M.D.

"What an amazing group call! Just want to say that my 3 wishes were so incredibly magnified by everyone else's contributions! Re-listening to the replay continues to deepen the profoundness of my “Mothering” experiences." - Kate C. 

Healing the Relationship with Mother/Mom

  1. Request healing from any blocked childhood trauma(s) 

  2. Heal any angst I had before being born and coming into this world

  3. Heal both my mother and I from any traumas during the birthing process

  4. May the lack of understanding between my mother and me be healed

  5. Please remove any ill will between myself, my husband, my children and grandchildren

  6. Please remove any ill will between myself, my mother, my children and grandchildren.

  7. Heal feelings of being homesick (at summer camps etc) when I was little and missing my parents and the sadness I still carry now

  8. clear the feelings of loss and grief I know I will get when my mother is no longer here.

  9. My mother is starting to lose her memory and I wish to clear the annoyances that I get when she cannot remember things 

  10. clear the guilt of being in judgment of my mother and for anything I said that hurt her

  11. I wish for healing through my whole maternal line in all dimensions and timelines

  12. I wish for love and forgiveness for everyone in all relationships with mother energy

  13. Clear the family/ancestral belief that women are only good to be subservient and support for the men in their life

  14. Clear the family/ancestral belief that men make the money and women are the servant/breeders and that's it.

  15. Heal and dissolve the trauma bond, generational curses, energy shackles of unworthiness, all cultural stereotypes, religious or other types of persecution, around being female 

  16. Heal and dissolve all religious and cultural taboos around sexuality, sexual expression, body image, body confidence and replace it with the willingness and ability to give and receive love and pleasure and other juicy good stuff. 

  17. Clear not feeling good enough because my sister/brother was mom’s favorite

  18. Clear the illness and imbalances I inherited from mom's side of the family

  19. Release patterns of co-dependency in order to stand in my own truth.

  20. Heal the loss of connection I feel with my mom - we don’t live close anymore, and when she invites me to stay over she treats me badly and I never want to see or spend time with her again. 

  21. My son and I are not close, he doesn't usually answer my texts or my calls.  Heal any patterns I am recreating with my own son that I learned from my own mother

  22. Heal and clear the toxic love I received from my mother whoa was a mean controlling narcissist, combo of wicked witch of the west, Mary Tyler Moore in Ordinary People & Mommy Dearest. 

  23. I would love to strengthen the connection on all levels with my amazing Mamma who lives overseas in Finland. 

  24. I would like to clear past karma and issues with my mom, my son, and others, so we can have a better relationship, more harmony, and better communication.

  25. Everywhere I worshiped my mother and let her undermine me, I clear and transmute across all time, space, dimension and reality.

  26. Everywhere I was neglected or overly protected by my mom… clear and transmute across all time dimension space and reality

  27. Clear any anger, resentment, hurt etc… from when my mother excused the maltreatment and abuse I got from stepfather (or anyone else) and now I excuse others' bad treatment of me

  28. I wish that my mom’s health would be completely restored so that she can enjoy again living a happy and active life.

  29. I get triggered by my adult daughter and become an "insaniac", I ask that this be cleared and resolved at the root for both my daughter and myself.

  30. Heal the searing burning self hatred from the "Great Mother Wound", I ask that this be cleared and resolved at the root.

  31. please clear the strife in my heart about family matters between my mother and brothers and stepfather in regards to caring for our mother 

  32. Please remove ill will between mothers and children in my ancestral lineage, as well as myself and my children and any negative patterns that are incongruent with love, peace and good will. 

  33. I ask that ALL false conclusions I drew about myself, that had nothing to do with me and were about the mother be cleared and resolved at the root

  34. Please remove any misunderstandings, negative karma, negative patterns, control issues, and anything else that stands in the way of my mom & I having an enjoyable, loving, and mutually respectful relationship now and in the future. 

  35. Please help to heal and repair the relationship between myself and my older son and remove any negative Karma, patterns or control issues

  36. Please clear and release any shock, trauma, dis-ease and abuse in all forms and from all timelines and lifetimes from my body - especially stored in my female part/womb area. 

  37. Please remove any negative feelings of guilt, shame and insecurity any of us developed early in life as a result of growing up with an alcoholic mother

  38. Please heal any remaining toxic feelings between my mother and I through all timelines and lifetimes.

  39. Heal the wounds I have from when my mother told me that she was disappointed in me because I was not succeeding as much as she wanted me to & that I will never make it.

  40. I Am available through all layers & lifetimes to receive love from my mother, family & all people - I Am worthy.

  41. It is right and ok to release family & the Collectives suffering in my life- I Am free to be Me.

  42. Please help me heal and forgive all the people in my family who hurt me in any lifetime 


Prayers for Embracing Motherhood and Womanhood

  1. Allow me to be an excellent child to my mother and an excellent mother to my children and grandchildren

  2. I tenderly mother my new baby business venture with kind attention and compassion.

  3. Asking for prayers for happiness in my family life with my husband, my children for us to communicate and start sharing.

  4. I am fully capable of being my own Loving Mother to myself, without any need for a “Nanny”, be it an order, religion, corporation, organization, state, nation, or multinational authority. 

  5. My Mother Dear, and my cherished daughters are lovingly freed to soar into their chosen life paths.

  6. Prayers for all mothers to be blessed with luck and abundance. 

  7. With ease and joy I accept and love my son just as he is instead of scolding my son (yelling), I communicate with him clearly, appreciatively and lovingly

  8. My son and I have a lot of fun and joy doing things together

  9. Contrary to what I once believed, my relationship with my mother has BRILLIANTLY served the development of my artistic genius! Thanks Mom for loving & blessing my acting, writing, & teaching success!

  10. I have discovered a deep, joyful truth: my mother only wanted the BEST for me!

  11. I blissfully receive my mother's GENEROUS financial support, at last releasing my judgments & letting her know how TRULY grateful & appreciative I am!!!!!! 

  12. I am a powerful Goddess that everyone seeks to model and to be in my presence.

  13. Prayers for unapologetically and playfully engaging and exploring our feminine bodies and our senses in heart centered alignment with the Divine  

  14. Prayers for me to be a loving and compassionate parent to myself and others 

  15. to be able to notice when I am out of balance and take better care of myself before I start yelling at my child

  16. Asking for prayers to clear any blocks gracefully around being in my feminine power, receiving, and shining my feminine grace and wisdom

  17. Prayers to joyfully heal all female pain-body programming passed down through my ancestral lineages, lifetimes, and Gaia from the point of inception, through every timeline and at every level of my being with grace and ease.

  18. Prayers for me to give myself the appreciation I deserve

  19. I am a sexy, beautiful, healthy and fit woman that is very lucky and financially wealthy and abundant now and forever here and in the future.  

  20. I wish that everyone’s relationship with their mother becomes joyous, loving and peaceful.

  21. to send my belated mom all the admiration and appreciation that I could not give her before I was a mom myself

  22. Please show me and assist me in being an excellent Mom to my sons and help me to assist them in the best way possible for whatever they need to be happy and healthy.

  23. to become a better mother to my kids, as good as I wanted to be

  24. being as good as possible grandmother to (Rosie) granddaughter

  25. Let love and support flow from me as a mother towards my grownup daughters - and also from them to me and towards each other

  26. Prayers for me to have good contact and connection (both affection/cuddling and spiritually) with my 3 young grandchildren 

  27. I wish to embody the healthiest, most wonderfully powerful mother archetype for my children within a balanced, loving relationship.

  28. I wish to release all inherited / ancestral fear, trauma and self doubt around motherhood and being a good mother.

  29. I wish to fully enjoy the journey into motherhood with an easy and magical birthing experience.

  30. I wish for all the mothers of this earth to be at peace and confident of a bright future for their children.


Blessings for and from Mother Earth 

  1. I wish to become able to connect myself to the energy of Mother Gaia easily and smoothly.

  2. I wish to feel supported, accepted, admired, protected and infused with mother earth's love and power.

  3. Blessings for me to feel, believe, and know the loving embrace and support of mother earth and the universe.

  4. Blessing for me to be divinely connected and aligned with the Divine Goddesses energies to assist me in manifesting my wishes, dreams and desires. 

  5. Asking for blessings to receive huge amounts of wealth and abundance from my beautiful Mama Earth!

  6. Blessings to deepen my connection with Mother Mary, Mary Magdelene and Yesua and the earth mother so I may be a clearer channel to transmit this energy out into the universes.

  7. Blessings for receiving and balancing the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects so I experience more wholeness, oneness and fulfillment in moving forward with inspired action 

  8. To receive blessings every day for me to embrace my oneness with our Patchimama Gaia Terra Earth, as she unfolds the moments into ever increasing crystalline harmonic ascension.

  9. To increase and intensify the sense of intimate connection with Mother Earth and all Her creatures.

  10. Blessings for Mother Earth as I ask for assistance for our souls to be grounded fully 100%  in one's body for healing fully and welcoming our Soul power.

  11. Blessings to shine my heart light bright! Living as D*star Mystical Goddess of Happiness

  12. Blessings to foster a steady and open flow of energy in both directions through our body’s whole chakra system and also that of our Mother Earth

  13. Blessings to find the right home for cats and me where we can be grounded and connected to Mother Earth

  14. Blessings for it to be safe to receive love from the Universe and all life - I Am open and available Now!

  15. I believe, think, know and feel that I am safe, nurtured, nourished and wrapped in Divine Mother Earth’s love and blessings. 

  16. I am divinely connected and aligned with the Divine Goddesses' energies to assist me in manifesting my wishes, dreams and desires. 

  17. Allow us to stay always protected into the energy of the divine Mother, following her inspiration for which steps I should take for my personal joy and the greater good of all 

  18. I wish to have a close connection to Pacha Mama and to hear her messages,

  19. I wish for Mother Earth to heal and comfort humanity and all sentient creatures in these challenging times and to be a support and energetic wonder for all of us.

  20. Blessings for all to respect, love and care for this beautiful planet we all share. Love-Light-Ignite!