Clearing Switches for Themes of New Beginnings -  January 2021

Clearing Switches for Themes of New Beginnings - January 2021

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Originally recorded January 27, 2021

This month's call was all about Clearing Switches for Themes of New Beginnings

We had an incredible list of write-ins for this call that we grouped into New Beginnings for Money, Career, Business, Relationships, Better Health and ended with Switches and strengthening positive statements.  You can read a partial list of clearings below.  Huge thanks to all who participated and made this a very impactful call for all listeners now and in the future!

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand on things and cover the clearings in a much deeper way.

This is a 33-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)



"These Zoom calls are an absolute "yawn fest" (in the very best sense ;) Jimmy works fast and furious with releases." - D.C. / North Carolina

"Jimmy, great session/zoom meeting tonight! Thank you for all you do! Feeling Awesomeness! ️Blessings of Love and Light."- Phyllis Ann / WA

"Thank you so much for this call. You were on fire! I don't know what will come of it but I can say for sure that I feel 'changed'. Much appreciated!" - Diane P.



New Beginnings with Money, Career & Business

  • Clear belief that lack of computer skills is holding me back from starting a successful business.
  • There isn’t enough time to devote to a spiritual practice and a new business plan while still working 
  • There won’t be enough interest in my business to thrive globally.
  • Clear the belief that I can't be part of people that can now earn a lot of easy money.
  • it’s necessary for me to release very high struggle to receive and save money
  • Clear receiving only fake promises that hold me back from going forward.
  • Clear that money history is static and can't break this threshold, clear that it hasn't changed and fear it will not change in any case.
  • Please clear that money is being held up in probate for insurance payout
  • Clear blocks of procrastination and fear about starting a business
  • Clear blocks to starting a new business organizing all paperwork/licenses and certifications with grace and ease
  • A clearing for people letting me down (in a business context) - a bad hire, they don’t show up, they don’t want to pay, bad partnership, not truthful)
  • To be released from the financial situation I'm in, including debt and feeling depressed about the future.
  • Covid is preventing me from using my license to bring in income 
  • I've been unemployed for several years. It seems as if I can't earn money by working.
  • Feeling like there are endless things to clear 
  • Clear the constant struggle for me to find a new job.
  • Clear any blocks to receiving more clarity on career path
  • Clear blocks to having motivation with finding 2019 tax documents to complete and file my return so I can move on to filing my current one.
  • release any fears & phobias I might have when looking for a new job, in a new industry, as a Reiki Practitioner.
  • Letting go of needing “permission” and the guilt/fear when setting boundaries
  • Clear tendencies for self sabotage when “too much” is easy and going well
  • Clear any blocks to having ease in beginning a writing routine
  • Clear any blocks to my finances/professional life & becoming self sufficient - standing on my own two feet
  • Clearing of any blocks that is attributing to my procrastination and lack of motivation to move forward on all the things on my "to do list" and my "goals" lists
  • Clear any blocks that allow unemployment not to pay me the thousands of dollars I am owed and feeling like a victim
  • Removing financial blocks, replacing it with loving financial windfall and loving financial overflow.


New Beginnings with Relationships

  • Finding authentic, loving, caring, kind and fun friends and a new relationship that are conscious, respectful and trustworthy
  • to move beyond being single and getting a nice sexy girl friend who sees me for who I am 
  • to get rid of any past relationship breakups that are holding me back from finding my true love now
  • To clear all negative blocks to my relationship with my sister.
  • Finding lots of nice supportive friends to help me along the way through life  
  • Being more open to a new romantic relationship - I feel I need to still heal from my last relationship 
  • I don’t want to make the same mistakes again and still am wary of entering into a relationship.
  •  to liberate my sexuality & for my relationship to have more intimacy and passion.
  • Clear my heart so that I know without doubt that if I lead with love then these highest vibrations will allow my life to be filled with all that is good and so that I can share all that is good.
  • To  find someone to start my new beginning with - a partner in crime. Someone who is my compliment and I am theirs


New Beginnings with Better Health

  • Find an exercise that I love and look forward to doing on a regular basis,
  • To effortlessly and joyfully maintain a keto diet to improve my overall health
  • Have motivation to get out and stay out of bed on weekends and not to just hide away. 
  • Get more committed to my fitness plan.
  • to establish a daily routine of exercises for flexibility, strength and longevity (and stick to it no matter what part of my day)
  • To program myself to want to exercise more and really enjoy it
  • to take away my desire to eat as many snacks and treats and not continue to do mindless munching. 
  • to have a better balance of eating things I enjoy in moderation and being completely satisfied after having a smaller amount
  • My energy is so low I have to take unwanted medication to function
  • Health issues keep me unstable.
  • I have a left side chest pain and shoulder pain and intense emotional reactions
  • to successfully stop food cravings and overeating and get rid of sugar cravings.
  • New year new challenge to lose weight and cut sugars to help with healing cancer and get into shape.
  • To improve my overall health and remove any blocks to my total wellness and superpowers
  • To strengthen new habits/ routines with family members revolving around mental health and addictions 
  • to get and stay motivated in exercising and purging my home of what I no longer need.
  • For spirit to show me the way to let go of what is no longer physically needed by starting simple: closets, basement, pictures, paper work....

 and dozens more Switches and Positive Statements