Clearings and Prayers for the Health, Wealth and Peace of Others - March 2023

Clearings and Prayers for the Health, Wealth and Peace of Others - March 2023

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Originally recorded March 29, 2023.

This month's call focused on altruism and sending blessings and having charity towards others so that we will also be richly blessed just by doing so!  Focusing on health, money and worldwide prayers for peace. After listening to this Zoom event, you will notice that you received blessings when you least expected and in a wonderful, mystical magical way!

We asked for submissions in 3 different categories: - Prayers for the Health of Others

- Abundant Blessings of Money for Others

- Prayers and Blessings for the World

      And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.  The video replay link is available now, it's just as powerful as having been listening live. 

      This is a 34-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)

      Here's what some live listeners wrote in saying:
      "I Am so proud of this community/Team/Family that surrounds you Jimmy. That was so powerful beyond words. Awesome Job Everyone!!! I love you All!" - Scotty / Hawaii

      Prayers for the Health of Others

      1. Blessings for all to have whatever necessary improvements in their health that will allow them to continue to live a long healthy, happy, active life.
      2. Health be yours, whatever you do - and may God send many blessings to you!
      3. Sending blessings for a full recovery for those we love with lung and breathing issues
      4. Please bless those who suffer with dementia or any mental issue to gracefully stabilize and reharmonize their mental, emotional and physical health.
      5. Prayers for those we love who are in hospice or close to transitioning from this lifetime for it to be smooth and easy
      6. Please Universe heal those we love who are suffering from diseases like MS or diabetes
      7. Blessings for those who have blood disorders, including high blood pressure and prayers for them to stabilize and return to normal
      8. Prayers for family and the world to be healed of any trace of any vaccine in their bodies and reverse all damage done from having Covid
      9. Healing blessings for those who have digestive issues and kidney stones
      10. Please bless all our loved ones with a healthy body that exuberates vitality so they may shine their light to more people and live a joyful life 
      11. Prayers for everyone to just open up to the infinite flow, full spectrum, all encompassing, fully Holistic Abundance and Health! 
      12. Wishing everyone the ultimate Joy Happiness! That I’m Feeling Good, Tap-dancing Movin and Groovin Divine In Spirit Beautiful Energy!
      13. Healing blessings for all of our friends and loved ones who are suffering with any form of cancer. 
      14. Sending healing blessings to all children and people of the world in areas that suffer with chronic malaria, typhoid and HIV.
      15. Sending prayers for better mental health of our neighbours and friends
      16. Please bless our friends and loved ones whose body’s need healing, and prayers for a full recovery and perfect health.
      17. Prayers for releasing whatever block is holding someone back so they can step forward into their best life. 
      18. Blessing for those who are underweight and fragile and for them to return to optimal weight, health and well-being.
      19. Prayers for our pet’s eyes to be cataract free
      20. Blessings for all of my pets to get along together and not be so reactive and anxious 
      21. Blessings for our beloved pets that all their lumps and bumps are benign and pain-free, and that any inflammation subsides.
      22. Blessings for our pet’s broken leg to heal completely and healing for all animals in need
      23. May all those we love who suffer w/ skin diseases get full relief & return to optimal health
      24. Prayers for those we love to have more ease recovering and healing from the effects of a stroke.
      25. My greatest wish to all for great health and to receive all the love and support they need
      26. Blessing for the disappearance of any tumors and all other causes of pain.
      27. Blessings that the best treatments, care and cures be found and given to all who need it
      28. Please bless those we love whose vision is going down as a result of medical treatments, age or any other condition.
      29. May our loved ones experience miraculous and full reversals of all adverse health conditions that they are experiencing and receive the healing miracle that they need
      30. May our loved ones release and overcome their greatest trauma and obstacle in life shattering any block that has ever stopped them!  And may they receive their heart’s desires and financial abundance.

      Abundant Blessings of Money for Others

      1. Blessings for all to have love that never ends, lots of money, and lots of friends.
      2. Blessings that our loved ones looking for work receive the ideal job, success, compensation and bonuses and benefits for them
      3. Blessings for all loved ones to receive and have the money they need and can buy the best and safest house in a safe place for them
      4. Please bless all to receive more money and an abundance of opportunities for a steady advanced flow of income
      5. Bless the world are we are going through a monetary reset and smooth out any complications of that
      6. May all become a mighty money magnet to be able pay off all debts and still have enough leftover for fun and play.
      7. Please bless all so they have more than enough money to pay their mortgage.
      8. May all our loved ones be clear of any vows of poverty and blocks to having more money now. 
      9. Bless our family members with the joy of a fulfilling life of abundance that allows their creativity and business acumen to be valued and respected.
      10. Prayers for all in the world to have enough money for healthy food, shelter, clothing
      11. Blessing for our friends and loved ones to enjoy a successful wealthy happy life with financial freedom.
      12. For all to receive financial blessings that will help them live safely and comfortably. 
      13. May all enjoy a steady income and even better offers.
      14. For all we love to have the money and assistance to move to a new home/location with grace and ease. 
      15. Prayers that any federal, state tax issues or court cases to be completely resolved in their favor
      16. Praying that all loved ones and friends receive all necessary funds for medical treatment or surgery with ease
      17. Please bless all with the financial miracle that they most need at this time
      18. Please bless all to have their most urgent financial stress situation turned around here and now in their favor
      19. Please bless all to receive any monies owed to them with grace and ease.
      20. May all receive unexpected money blessings with grace and ease
      21. May all the organizations that feed starving children all over the world be blessed with full abundance.

      Prayers and Blessings for the World

      1. Please bless our world with Peace and Prosperity.  Help us all to improve our compassion and empathy towards others to bring light and love to our community, and to our planet.
      2. Please send your highest prayers to these areas in Turkey and to all the Turkish people who have gone through and are still going through all these traumas.
      3. Let’s pray for Peace in the whole world and that the dark powers can NOT push Ukraine to war against Russia and pray for harmony for the world.
      4. Let’s pray for peace in the middle east and in Ukraine and in all war-torn places in the world that there is more than enough money, food and water and shelter to go around to those in need
      5. Let's pray that all of the toxins be taken out of the food and water supply with a sense of urgency and that everyone has freedom of choice in their personal health.
      6. Please bless the world so that worldwide inflation and the threat of lack is dispelled and we all return to some form of normalcy, grounding and balance.
      7. Pray that people increase their respect Mother Earth through recycling, conservation of the land and protection of wild animals so that her resources will be sustained for future generations
      8. That we all Rise together and Bring forward all of our Gifts and Love to the world and beyond for Maximum Grace and SO IT IS!!!
      9. That the people of the world receive an abundance of Intuition, Discernment, Faith and Consciousness
      10. Pray for the regeneration of our cities in need - for future generations to thrive
      11. Pray that all the Earth governments make responsible choices to preserve nature and biodiversity.
      12. I ask for an increase in safety and loving kindness and respectful interactions for those who need them. 
      13. Pray for more kindness and compassion in the world for all God's creation
      14. Please pray for all to find, receive and give love in all forms including their ideal soulmate 
      15. Sending much love and peace to all affected by global tragedy and natural disasters
      16. Please bring such abundance, generosity, empathy, compassion and gentleness to all in the world that the attraction of evil will be no more
      17. My wish to the world is to unite together to protect our children. Erase school shootings and child abuse from this earth throughout all lifetimes and in all realms 
      18. Please bless the underprivileged to be able to find a better situation and help lift themselves up.
      19. Please let us pray for the homeless of the world so that all human beings have a place to live, thrive and have the food and drink that they need. 
      20. I command that all unjust people be brought to justice now. 
      21.  Let’s pray that the fog of confusion and manipulation and be lifted and that we all realize our own sovereignty
      22.  I wish for all humanity that they are blessed with an unexpected gift of kindness, and they pay it forward to tip the scales into higher vibrations of peace, love, and unity.  
      23. Prayers for all the beautiful human race and all sentient creatures to live in peace, harmony and unlimited abundance of goods on our magnificent planet Earth. Let's have joy, love and fun be the "new normal ".