[WINDFALL] MyBeliefWorks™ for Amplifying the Field to Co-Create a Financial Windfall

[WINDFALL] MyBeliefWorks™ for Amplifying the Field to Co-Create a Financial Windfall

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Includes over 90 clearings delivered on one 1 PDF written transcript embedded with a link to the 24-minute MP3 audio recording.

Instantly playable on any computer or mobile device!

Co-creating a strong attraction field between you, Spirit and unexpected windfalls! 

This is the 4th in our series on prosperity and abundance and this one is different in that it is loaded with dozens of unique one-line clearings that together will serve to create and amplify a strong morphogenic field of prosperity. It's all about disentangling, reintegrating, transforming and synchronizing energetic patterns on a cellular and quantum level to open the door to your natural state of abundance and inviting in a windfall - an unexpected bonus or a happy coincidence - a piece of unexpected good fortune and it can take many forms, not just money.

This one picks up where others left off in the continual quest and pursuit to turn on your money honey. I’m asked daily about the lottery, luck and dare I say folks that want it to fall from the sky!  Can it really be that simple?  In this recording we’re stoking and seeding the money rain clouds to do just that.  Creating abundance, prosperity and attracting the positive to find YOU! 

Your windfall could be unexpected mail box money; just found out about a job promotion; a child getting engaged or expecting a baby; a doctors report that came back all clear; a house sale that went through on one side or the other; receiving free tickets or unexpected invitations.

This recording is full of unique one liners downloaded from spirit over about a year.  Many will give you that a-ha moment and have you thinking, “I’ve always wondered or said that” but of course you need to fish out that negative belief on a deeper level and/or download the positive so that it will actually make a difference.  Windfall does just that and creates that wind of serendipity co-creating an attraction between you, Spirit and MONEY! 

*NOTE ABOUT CREDIT REPORT IMAGE:  I found it inspiring to notice how just working and focusing on this Windfall recording affected my credit score over these past 6 months.

- Aug (710) Started writing Windfall 

- Dec (804) Recorded the audio

- Jan/Feb (816/823) Sent to test group

Each time I did something with the Audio MP3 my credit score jumped. I did not buy a new vehicle, take out loans or pay off anything. Sometimes abundance can come to you in ways other than money!

Here's What People Are Saying...

$6000 in unexpected mailbox money!
"Jimmy Jimmy, what can I say but your financial mp3 wins again.. the windfall one. I listen to it two days ago and didn't really think about it. Well, I went to the store to stock up on some essentials because of this Corona stuff and I just thought I needed to help people in need while I am here especially if they are not mobile. Well sure enough a friend of mine who is not doing so well contacted me and said she needed some water. I just thought to myself don't worry about where the money will come from, just help her. So I did and I didn't charge her for it.  Came home and checked my mailbox, I got a check but it was in the name of the person who used to live here. I was pretty bummed but I was optimistic and said well you did manifest a check, yours is coming. Then I saw another piece of mail. It was from my aunt. My aunt and I aren't that close for who knows why...  more her choice than me. I was pretty excited that she even sent me a card. And when I opened it, it was a check for $6,000 dollars. WOW.  Didn't expect it to show up this way but it did !!!  Thanks Jimmy for this. I really appreciate you."  - Desiree J


I would definitely call that a windfall! 

"I thought you'd appreciate hearing from one of your clients about something positive during the pandemic!  I wondered "Windfall, what windfall?!?"  I had a couple of weeks with 50% less workload and consequently 50% less income in my work as a contractor, and that was after PPP funds had dried up. . . BUT! Within just a couple of weeks, applications were being accepted again, and I was approved.  That same week, a paycheck that had still been missed after I'd asked about it three times and not not receiving payment for an entire month was finally sent to me.  An insurance check that I'd been waiting on since late January was finally resolved and the lost check reissued and received.  I was able to file for unemployment hassle-free because of the reduction in work, and then my work started picking back up after only 2 weeks of the drop in work.  I would definitely call that a windfall and a result of the Luck Switches bonus call with that purchase. 

Fast forward to today when I received a call about monies that I didn't even realize I had through a county program for a business startup.  Evidently, there was a balance remaining that was actually 4x the amount shown on paper, and I should've spent it by last year, but the program director phoned and let me know he was granting extra time to do that and to "go shopping" for my business!  Wow.  I've never felt pressured to spend money before! - 
T. Diaz / Boulder, CO 

"Just got done listening to the new "Windfall" mp3 and I was not disappointed.  This pouring out from Spirit through Jimmy is absolutely spell-binding and may very well be the magnum opus of the MyBeliefWorks series.  The word tracks conjure the perfect symphony of what's needed to light up the human DNA and create a resonance with abundance.  Each time I listen to it I can feel any negative blocks or obstacles shifting out in real time....that's how powerful it is.  I'm thankful to be a part of this new field of Windfall, Abundance, and Prosperity, and I'm thankful knowing that with each new person that hears this mp3, the field only grows stronger and is reinforced.   Also, I just won $20 on a scratch off immediately after I listened to it for the first time, so there's that!" - Justin A. / Florida

"I first listened to this recording when I had screwed up my sleep cycle and had slept very late and felt groggy and terrible.  The mp3 shifted my energy within seconds; I felt energy running through my meridians and the heaviness in my body and brain lift.  I continued to layer the recording, listening to it everyday, sometimes focusing, sometimes in the background. and the following windfalls showed up: I got a new client and an old client who had been taking time off, came back, and I won a $3000 contest!"  - Paula / Seattle

"The Windfall MP3 is the most comprehensive, deep, surprising, and powerful compilation of abundance clearings and downloads EVER! Jimmy created a masterpiece that reaches the most unexpected and hidden 'nooks and crannies' where we could be hiding unconscious and limiting beliefs about money, abundance, and receiving. What's wonderful about this recording is, that he not only clears the poverty and lack consciousness, he downloads and 'installs' the new, upgraded templates for creating a very different financial reality. I highly recommend this product." - Gosia L. / California

"As usual I wanted to listen to this at least 3 times lol. So the first listen was so intense! I literally felt a "bubble" of energy go from my chest up. As it got to my throat there was a lot of sadness, then it exited my mouth, third eye, and crown area. The second listen I noticed that my neck and shoulders tightened up, so tight like when holding back anger. Around the 10 minute mark that released. On the third listen I stood up, yes stood up so I could see where everything was testing for me. Some of the statements took me to "NO" and on the fourth everything was testing yes!!!! God Bless you for all that you do for us! I love you guys." - Toni G / Wisconsin 

"If you have any issues about Money or Abundance then this is a must. Jimmy clears, deletes, rescinds, switches every imaginable and unimaginable issue. I NEVER win on lottery or scratch off tickets. After listening to Windfall a couple of times I went out and bought tickets and doubled my money. Abundance has come into my life with people showing me more love, kindness and unexpected generosity." - Rocky / Florida

"I happily received this email today, perhaps listening to your mp3 produced this? --- 'In January 2019, you didn’t cash our check for $543.32. So we’re sending you a replacement. If you find the old one under a bed, tear it up.' - Clementine C.

"During the last 2 weeks of working with and listening to the Windfall mp3 I've had several unexpected windfalls.  First, I received $150 in my product sales in 48 hrs which is usually my monthly average.  I bought $10 in lottery tix and won back $29.  Last week alone I received a free ticket to a hockey game/10th row seats AND was gifted the scoring puck.  I was offered a pair of free tickets to a live music festival. I was offered a ticket to join a friend at a big arena comedy show. I was sent a free movie ticket from a friend for Saturday night. I broke a weight loss plateau after 3 wks of up/down .5 lb!" - Sandy B / Florida