HEALING A-Z (2016) Digital PDF & Kindle

HEALING A-Z (2016) Digital PDF & Kindle

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Healing A-Z: The Words That Can Heal Body, Mind and Spirit

This book has been 3 years in development from concept to print and is 83 pages long. It's meant as a handbook of suggestions to aid in your quest for a spiritual method of healing.

It includes an A-Z list of illnesses, diseases, and disorders of body, mind and spirit and the related word tracks & phrases to use to create a healing prayer affirmation for users of the My Liquid Fish® energy healing method which can assist in reversing the energy of mental thought patterns that are related to the specific word tracks used.

 It assists you in getting past the point of struggling and asking 'what words do I say or use?' and it's here for you to address any illness, disease or disorder where you may have a negative belief attached and provide a positive statement that could, with prayer, change the feeling or sensation attached to your issue or a client's issue.

It also includes nutritional ideas and suggested alternatives for a variety of health challenges for you to research and consider.

This is the kind of book that you keep nearby on your coffee table or nightstand as a handy reference so you can look up your current issue and discover and clear the related challenges that are affecting you.

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 "Amazing results with my allergies, after releasing and understanding the root cause that was revealed to me from this straight forward book!  Love it"
~ Camilla M. / Colorado

"This book is an important reference for those who need guidance with issues of the body. This valuable tool can teach you to listen and communicate with your body, which is a must for maintaining health and wellness!" ~ Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman