Manifestation Wishes and Gratitude Switches - Nov. 2021

Manifestation Wishes and Gratitude Switches - Nov. 2021

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Originally recorded November 17, 2021

This month's call was all about Manifestation Wishes and Gratitude Switches. This one hit a lot of different levels of abundance and the ability to manifest calling in a variety of angles whether it was life purpose, work/job/career, romance or straight up money ALL makes a difference. 

We separated the over 50 submissions that folks wrote in about into three different categories.

1) Wishes for Creating New Manifestations

2) Wishes for Manifesting Healing, Health and Happiness

3) Expressions of Gratitude

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.

This is a 30-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)

Here's What People are Saying:

"Wow Everyone!!! I resonated with every single one of these. From yes to tears to strong emotions. Soooooo good!!! Like did that really just happen amazingly good!!! I'm really excited to see what shows up today, everyday.  Thank You beyond words Team!!!" - Scotty/ Hawaii


SECTION 1- Wishes for creating NEW Manifestations (Wealth, Love, Job, Home)

  • I wish for my practice to expand next year and years to come in a way that is a total game-changer -- with high-level clients by way of word-of-mouth, referrals, private introductions and Spirit-led-synchronicities.
  • I wish to create abundance and prosperity, mostly in the area of financial wealth.
  • I wish to receive notification that trading has started for my investment and I will be receiving my distribution payment in 2 weeks.
  •  I wish to receive assistance with grace and ease to further unfold my creative and spiritual purpose bringing with it financial freedom as well as much joy and laughter! 
  •  I wish for effortless wealth and for the success of all my business endeavors. 
  •  I wish to joyfully raise money for worthy projects that need financial support.
  • I wish to be completely independent financially, debt and worry free with access to an unlimited amount of wealth.
  •  I wish to be a multi-billionaire.
  •  I wish for all aspects of abundance to be in steady, supportive flow.
  • My wish is to create and receive more than enough income in 2022 to pay off all debt and live in surplus all with ease and joy.
  •   I wish for my artistic creations to be in huge demand and to sell them with grace and ease.
  •  I wish to be, do, have what makes my heart sing and makes me more money than I can ever imagine.
  •  I wish for a wonderful new job that is aligned with my soul mission, a prosperous reality and lots of fun.
  •  I wish to have a lovely home out in the country (in Northern British Columbia) 
  • I wish to be gifted with an awesome modern self-sustaining house in a peaceful natural setting.
  •  My wish is to purchase my dream-home in the 'just right' location within the next calendar year and to pay for it in cash!
  •  I wish to run into my soulmate and have heaps of fun together while excelling on exciting adventures such as Ultra events in wild beautiful places. 
  •   I wish for my beloved to come effortlessly into my life here and now.

                                      SECTION 2- Wishes for Healing, Health and Happiness

                                        •  I wish for my 16 year old daughter to be free of anxiety and depression and go on to lead a happy and fulfilling life!
                                        • I wish to be supernaturally healthy from the cellular level.
                                        • I wish for happiness and health to my family, loved-ones and all beings.
                                        •  I wish to obtain my ideal body weight.
                                        •  I wish for Spirit to show me and tell me what I can do to maintain my overall health and well-being at this time.
                                        • I wish for there to be loving and peaceful vibrations among humanity so as to create a joyful and safe planet.
                                        •  I wish for health, wealth and well being for myself, all my peeps and Gaia - and a graceful awakening for us all.
                                        •   I wish to be in great health and have time to completely dedicate myself to my artistic creations.
                                        •  I wish to live as the embodiment of my Higher Self with grace, ease, freedom, abundance and prosperity.
                                        • I wish to freely express the Divine wisdom and the Divine truth that my soul longs to share with the world.
                                        • I wish to create an inspired, divinely heartfelt modality that is needed at this time.
                                        •  I wish for a peaceful holiday season filled with love, joy and gratitude.
                                        •  I wish to wake up tomorrow completely healed of Cancer and digestive issues!!
                                        •  I wish to live an amazing, long and healthy life.
                                        • I wish that everything always turns in my favour. 
                                        • I wish for the rest of my life to be the best of my life.
                                        •  I wish for 2022 to be filled with health, wealth, joy and happiness and lots of fun! 

                                                                          SECTION 3 - Expressions of Gratitude (for increasing money, job/business success, finding dream home, greater spiritual connection and greater health)

                                                                            • I am thankful to be elevating into new levels of generating, attracting, and receiving money with grace, joy, and ease in ways that energize me.
                                                                            • I am beyond thankful for receiving guidance of all kinds and success in my crypto investments as I invest conservatively yet profitably.
                                                                            • I am so grateful to be 100% debt free, living a life better than I could ever imagine or dream of with the man of my dreams, and more money in my bank account than I ever thought possible! I love my life!
                                                                            • I am grateful that I have the cash NOW to purchase my new home and that is filled with healing energies.
                                                                            • I give thanks for a fulfilling career and that I am truly appreciated for my unique gifts and insights.
                                                                            •  I am grateful that my consultant expertise is highly valued and my new clients find me easily and effortlessly.
                                                                            • I am grateful for receiving boundless creative business ideas and that I have the   
                                                                            • I have Immense and endless gratitude for the publication of my bestselling book that catalyzes courage in individuals to take that risk and go for their heart’s desires.
                                                                            •  I am grateful to be doing what I love while making more money than I ever thought possible, having the life and career I always dreamed of.
                                                                            •  I am extremely grateful for the soul-fulfilling and financially lucrative opportunities of Divine Service now woven into my life. 
                                                                            • I give thanks for finding a new home free and clear that I am able to make my own.
                                                                            • I am grateful to now be free to be me, joyously happy, always protected  and guided, confidently hearing and listening to my inner knowledge.
                                                                            • I am grateful for more and more time and space to be ever-present, to have balance in my days, and to enjoy life fully!
                                                                            • I give thanks for the magical and serendipitous events that flood my life with joyous wonders and blessings from on high.
                                                                            • I am grateful for being surrounded by people who I love and who love and support me!
                                                                            • I am grateful to clearly hear Spirit’s amazing guidance and feel totally in sync with living my life.
                                                                            •  I am grateful to be surrounded by phenomenal people who make me a better person allowing me to be the best version of myself.
                                                                            • I am grateful and trust that everything is going by God's plan, and that blessings of sovereignty and abundance are part of that plan.
                                                                            • I have quantum gratitude for increased conscious awareness, new inventions, practices, and healing protocols that are being implemented for Earth’s regeneration.
                                                                            • I am grateful for the Universe’s loving protection of all life-forms on this Earth.
                                                                            •  I am grateful for living with my heart wide open while giving and receiving love, healing and guidance from above!