[DAILY GPS RESET] MyBeliefworks™ Daily GPS Reset MP3 Series - Fishing the Files

[DAILY GPS RESET] MyBeliefworks™ Daily GPS Reset MP3 Series - Fishing the Files

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Clearing blocks in life and repairing, replacing and reprogramming your fragmented and damaged files allowing you to reset, reboot and download the 2.0 improved version of yourself!

This 44 minute, 5-part audio includes separate sections to use throughout your day; morning motivation, afternoon perseverance and evening wind down into a restful slumber. The audio clearing files are separated out so that you can play each individually and also includes a full 16 page written transcript.

Use to assist in setting your positive intentions for the day and getting motivated and energized each morning, to stay on track and keep making progress in the afternoon and to slow down and wash away the day's negativity in order to have a peaceful evening and slumber. 

You’ll have the word tracks done-for-you AND in writing. Once you’ve listened to the audio, you can play it on loop on any phone, tablet or desktop and the prayer energy will go to work for you!

This one-of-a-kind recording also includes a special 911 "Break Glass Only In Case of Emergency' clearing which is specifically designed for those unfortunate, memorable days of losing a job, battling legal issues, unfavorable medical news, sudden accidents or news of a loved one having an issue out of your control where sometimes all you can do is PRAY!  This section is an auto-pilot prayer for you and does the heavy lifting1

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Here's What People Are Saying...

"I have had phenomenal changes in my life using it and the MBW programs, so much good stuff! I bought the GPS Reset when it came out last year, started using it and it was like a rocket to the moon! So much deep clearing, there were times when I had to lie down during the day and let the clearing rip! Last year was incredible...I got to be with my Dad as he made a very peaceful transition, received a hefty inheritance, got laid off from my job with a nice severance package, sold my parent's house in 6 weeks with minimal effort, then spent the rest of the year traveling and doing the Reset work along with some other deep healing. Liquid Fish helped me to reinvent myself and my resume into something way more suitable as I get ready to jump back into the job pool." - Jane / North Carolina

"I got the new Audio MP3 and use it daily. Really strong, and easy to use as well." - MDK / Netherlands

"I had to write and tell you how amazed I was after completing the GPS reset just once. Last evening, after just one day, there was a remarkable change in my mental functioning . I had a clarity in my thinking and was focused and able to stay on track .  I accomplished a lot more yesterday than I normally would have done . I am often more scattered in my thinking and multitask and get nothing completed .  Last night I noticed my energy level was better and I went for a long walk and my plantar fasciitis was barely noticeable .  I feel as if I've had an "Attitude Adjustment " ... so funny and DIVINE .. It's A Dream Come True  .... My cat has even improved. He has a hip problem like a dislocation that I have been very concerned about . This morning he even jumped up on the bed , which he hasn't done now for a couple weeks . So much has changed . I am on cloud nine right now and had to share my love and gratitude with you." -Bonnie S.


"I've been using the mp3s in my own life for awhile - Fishing the Files has made a substantial difference, and I mostly only run the morning file, but that's pretty much daily.  I have also notice significant changes in the way I feel about whatever issues are addressed in a particular mp3 after I play it, so I know it's working. :)" - James L. / Michigan

"The GPS reset offers more than it might appear at first glance. I have used it in the background for several weeks on and off and certainly not routinely and not following the timetable it offers. Not knowing what to expect, I was surprised when my 3 remaining vices, Chips (fries and crisps), Chocolate and Champagne kind of evaporated without pain, suffering, effort, dedication or willpower. I am continuing this adventure to see where it might take me. Thanks Jimmy, utterly remarkable!” -Heather / Australia

"I am a business owner and mother of 3 in a challenging and complicated marriage. I just bought Jimmy's mp3 “GPS Reset Fishing the Files” as I have some major things going on across different areas of my life. It has made such a difference to be able to use the mp3s to calm myself during all the events. I am able to use them as a tool morning afternoon and evening and when I am really experiencing that panic, oh crap, everything’s “wrong” feeling, or just using them habitually as part of my meditation routine.  I am so happy to have them and so thankful Jimmy created them. I own a total of 7 of Jimmy’s Mp3s and will listen when different challenges arise. It brings me great comfort to know I am aligning all the guides and powers in the universe to help me out. I don’t feel so alone and it alleviates my feeling of “stuckness”.  I also have 30 minute sessions with Jimmy Mack which are very helpful every time. I am so thankful I landed upon this man and his teachings and healings. I highly recommend him to people I know that are open to this way of making your life better."  - K. Knutson


"I listened to Fishing the Files last night after a full evening of client counseling calls. While listening, I sensed a Greater Presence immediately, which isn't uncommon for me, but this felt Super-Charged powerful. This morning, after a restful sleep, I woke up two hours earlier than usual, clear and in full gear to work on my current book project. This IS uncommon after a night of client calls. I usually need recovery time to switch from counselling to writing. This audio will serve my creative output and productivity. I've been helping my clients to understand how important it is to wake up and CHOOSE their state of being before heading into their new day. This audio is now my short-cut as counsellor. I'm going to make it mandatory that they consider using Fishing the Files to support our work together. Thanks, Jimmy!"
- Magdalen Bowyer / Vancouver, BC

UPDATE: "My son has such pain in his foot he has to wear flip flops with his suit! He listened to the ER audio last night and I also did it for him ... he reports the swelling of his foot is almost gone today❣️ I am expecting miracles ... it’s gonna be a great day!"


"I love the new GPS audios. The ability to have short bursts of focused clearing throughout the day is priceless. A friend of mine was unexpectedly terminated yesterday. She was spiraling into deep betrayal and depression - a complete meltdown. I ran the new emergency audio focused on her and the situation. I sent her the audio and asked her to run it several times during the evening. This morning she say she feels better after listening to the audio. She describes the audio as healing, soothing, detoxing, and energizing. When one door closes, another opens...- P.T. / Florida

UPDATE: "My friend is so clear that she is running the emergency audio on her team and colleagues. They are struggling with her departure. Jimmy, this is more powerful than we imagined."


"Thanks so much for the opportunity to preview your new Daily GPS MP3!  Jimmy just gets better and better!  This is truly inspired.  I have been enjoying listening for 5 days.  I have experienced more calm, (smooth), decrease in sugar and carb. cravings.  I frankly just don't eat as much.  I especially "feel" expansive during the quite minute of silence between tracks.I have not listened to the ending track, "breaking glass."  But glad you offer that extra help when it's needed.The real magic happened when I listened the day before with a particular person in mind.  She is a VERY ANXIOUS piano student and gets so nervous that lessons are hard to get through and I know she always feels so bad thinking she is not performing as well as she would like.  Well, she got through her lesson the next day with minimal nerves and it was obvious how happy she was to perform what she had practiced.  She practically danced out of my house!This is so EASY.  Who doesn't have 10 minutes to listen or play 3x a day. As always, the gifts you offer are so helpful.  Love how it's divided." - L.J. / Virginia


"I definitely feel a sense of peace listening to these meditations. This is very comprehensive and covers all of the different aspects of one's day and the issues for each part of the day which need "reprogrammed." I appreciated the additional emergency portion because it was very comforting. It felt like a cosmic hug! After finishing, I just knew everything was going to be alright. Another great program. Much gratitude." - K.M.


"I love love love Jimmy's My Belief Works!!! I own all of them...I sometimes listen to a particular one when I need an extra boost in that area. I also have them all on a big playlist that I play on silent while I am sleeping. I love Jimmy because he is so generous. Most healers are quite possessive about their work, but Jimmy is always
wanting his products to be shared so that he can help as many people as possible.

I really enjoyed this one because it is so easy to start your day. Either play it before you get out of bed, or while you are getting ready. I am lazy, but this is so awesome because I am still setting my intention for a great day -- in the easiest way possible. Just like we need to shower daily -- this makes it easy to energetically clear ourselves and set ourselves up for the best day possible!!! Thanks Jimmy for another great audio!" - A.C. / Canada.


"The Evening GPS is a WONDERFUL way to unwind from the day. A great way to reflect and let go of everything so you can truly sleep with peace! An inner and outer relaxing peace overwhelms your positively! Great audio!!

Morning GPS wow! Talk about a great way to start the day off positively! A must do to set yourself up for a great day, great attitude and letting go of any prior issues. Starting the day off with a sharp mind and happy soul today because of it! Adding it to my daily routine!

Break Glass in Case of Emergency! Loved it! A great audio when you’re in need to calm down from an unexpected life event. Takes the edge off so you can breathe! A real life saver when your mind and pain is overwhelmed by events. Let the peace settle back in." - E.J. / Florida 


'OMG I love this and I have only done the morning routine! Anna is asking me to email this to her! Just to clarify I need to wait until this afternoon to listen to the afternoon! It is AMAZING! I feel so good already.' My liquid Fish GPS reset is an amazing miracle in my life. It has helped me through a very traumatic event in my life and within the first day of hear I feel profoundly better. Jimmy is a miracle worker and the GPS download is by far the best download that I have ever used. I felt the changes taking place instantly!  - A.P. / Florida

"First of all thanks for the wonderful gift Jimmy, and it is my pleasure to give a testimonial! You are such a gifted healer and we are fortunate to have you on the planet, doing the "behind the scenes" work that you do. I started listening to the intro while I was still standing and getting ready for bed. My body was being "pulled" so far forward that I thought I might fall over a few times. I tucked myself in bed, with headset on, and your voice and choice words lulled me into a higher state. I could feel the work being done during the silent minutes of pause (very powerful). As the current crazy and anxiety educing energies zap us constantly, it is extremely special and important to have a moment by moment tool such as this to get oneself through the day. The support you provide is real, and is followed up by strong changes in attitude, which causes the day to continually unfold towards the POSITIVE and even, miraculous (for myself and those around me, including pets)! I can't wait to listen again and again through out the day: morning, afternoon and evening! A tremendous amount of work went into this series, and everyone that listens will benefit from the harmonious results. Thanks again Jimmy, for all your dedication to well being for each and every person!" - K.D. / Virginia