[WEIGHT] MyBeliefworks for Being Your Ideal Weight MP3/PDF

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This audio is for people who are either trying to gain or lose weight. This is an MP3 that could be that missing link and that final push that you need to reach your goals. At some point you were at your ideal weight. Listening to the audio will create changes for you on many levels, and for those of you advanced "fishermen", you can go through the PDF and test and "fish out" each of the statements individually - changing them from negative to positive for extra reinforcement.

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Sample clearings:

"It's safe and comfortable for me to release excess weight and to add healthy muscle."
"I process boredom with grace and ease without resorting to food or drink."
"My body is a fat-burning machine that is lean and 100% healthy."
"I experience and obtain my ideal body composition."
"I process sexual attention from men or women with grace and ease."

Includes over 20 mins of audio with over 100 clearings
1 MP3 audio and 1 PDF written transcript, instantly downloadable

Here's what people are saying: 

"Also am very impressed by your MyBeliefWorks—Ideal Weight audio. I played it, believed it would work—and my late night stress-eating is “a thing of the past”. And amazingly- I am OK with that. So long, good bye—to all those extra calories!  Everyone has issues of some sort. But I decided to do something constructive to resolve mine… figuring “something might just happen”-and it did. Thank you Jimmy—for being there with your creative solutions- for those of us willing to think a bit outside the box."
- L. Rosenbaum (Healer) / FL