[LOVE] MyBeliefWorks for Receiving Love in All Forms and Finding The One - MP3 & PDF

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This recording is nearly 30 minutes long and can clear blocks to self-love, accepting love, receiving love, being deserving of love and that negative programming that is keeping YOU from your soul mate realization and experiencing true love! This audio helps you change your vibration to call in "the one".  Whether you are with the person of your dreams or would like for them to be "the one", this is an MP3 Audio than CAN make the difference! 

Sample clearings: 

"I'm in harmony with the process of attracting, being in, and experiencing love, now."

"I'm open to receive my ideal mate now without overreaching, overdoing, and without self-sabotage."

"The one that is meant for me is drawn to me now and can love me completely."

"It's safe for me to maintain the ideal relationship once it has found me."

"I experience someone ideal who has found me, without me searching for them."

"I release the need for drama, trauma and conflict from my life and my relationships."

"I release my need to be on guard all the time and allow intuition, insight and love to find me."

Includes nearly 30 minutes of audio with over 100 clearings
1 MP3 audio and 1 PDF written transcript, instantly downloadable

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Here's what people are saying:

"Hi Jimmy, I just had the most hilarious event happen that I think you will enjoy! In NYC where I live, if you street park then you need to sit in your car or move it on street cleaning days, 2x/ week for 1.5 hours so you don’t get ticketed. I was listening to your “Ideal Love” MyBeliefWorks mp3 while working in my car & a cute young guy came over & struck up a conversation while the mp3 was still audible (!!). Despite being twice his age, I was charmed & now have a date. LOL!! All the best." - Jill