[FAMILY & RELATIVES] MyBeliefworks for Family Relationships Healing Hurts and Improving Lives MP3/PDF

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This can help smooth out and release excess family hurts, feelings and upsets that have been years in the making and allow these events to wash away now. Marriage, divorce, birth, death, co-parenting, and that relative that causes us to cringe. Yep, it's all in here. If you dread holidays and family get togethers, this is for you. If your mom or dad always thought that you should have gone to school for anything other than you did, you'll want to hear this one. If your family never approved of any of your romantic partners, this 30 minutes could make a lifetime of a difference. In this audio you will find releases to this madness and solace that can bring you peace. This is the real deal.

Here's What People are Saying: 

"I played the Family MP3 once earlier this week and again on the drive over to our Thanksgiving party yesterday and we had probably the best family get-together we've had in years!!  So much fun and laughter and ease.  My sister and her kids even showed up (without the husband).  The meal flowed so well, everyone got along, we played games, got silly with karaoke, and no flare ups or tension of any kind. I had the audio on silently and looped for a couple of hours in the back of the room and as you say... nothing short of miraculous. What a change and great memories for all!" ~ S.B. / Florida