[DIET AND EXERCISE] MyBeliefworks™ for Healthy Diet, Digestion, and Exercise

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These are the 3 pillars to ideal health and weight loss.  This is the follow up to MyBeliefworks for Being Ideal Weight my weight loss recording.  This Diet, Digestion & Exercise audio/pdf will go through blocks that are keeping you stuck, procrastinating and interfering with you reaching your weight loss goals.  Listening to this audio can improve all 3 areas that are critical to creating and transforming your body into what you used to be or know that you could be again.

Ask yourself... are you overeating?  Is your digestion stuck? Do you have acid reflux?  Are you avoiding the gym like the plague?  If you answered yes to any of these, I believe this audio will clear it for you!

This audio is instantly downloadable and will be yours to keep and share with friends and family! 

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Sample clearings:

  • "As I hear this, my body’s need for fat as protection is released and dissolved easily, effortlessly now."
  • "It’s easy and comfortable to add healthy muscle and release excess weight."
  • "Any and all weakness within my digestive tract is released and resolved now."
  • "Fat and cellulite process through my digestive track with grace and ease."
  • "I’m able to feel energized after exercising instead of feeling tired."
  • "Regardless of exercise style, type or duration, my body burns fat."
  • "Exercise and endurance come easy to me regardless of my age."

Includes over 30 mins of audio with over 120 clearings
1 MP3 audio and 1 PDF written transcript, instantly downloadable

Here's what people are saying:

"After listening, I could actually feel a shift in my energy towards my goals!  So far I am sticking to my diet plans and I am feeling hopeful as I have lost 3 pounds already."

-Camila M / Colorado


"Great audio! A perfect way to be mentally and physically prepared for a new diet and exercise regimen!"

-Emily J / New York


"New Year’s Resolutions may come and go, but most of us never stop wanting to get in shape, feel good and become healthier. The beauty of this weight loss and fitness download is that it addresses concepts beyond the obvious basics about eating and exercise, drilling down to core issues surrounding self-image and a commitment to wellness. I'm so glad I have this download and can start now!”

- Ellen B / California


"So I had immense resistance to this at first partially because I feel that for the most part I have a healthy relationship with food I eat very little processed food I don't drink soda except the very occasional ginger ale .... so I was like why do I need this?

But there were gems in it for me ... digesting and metabolizing was a good segment for me, all things pertaining to digestion and electrolytes, balancing of magnesium and sodium and all of the exercise and body image items!

Therefore I would say this was 90% what I really needed and can use! Wonder why I resisted SO much. That rather cues me to listen again actually. Thank you so much for the time, effort, & intention you put into this program."

- C.C. / Florida


"I had encouraging success with weight loss over the past 3 months losing over 20 pounds with the help of listening to the Ideal Weight MP3.  It was a great addition and helped me stay committed to my new eating routine without cravings or feelings of deprivation and it was truly effortless and fun watching the weight melt off.  Now after being able to maintain my weight loss over the holidays, I am even more excited than ever to have this new audio for diet, digestion and exercise to support me in getting closer to my fitness goals!  I can say that during the first week of listening, I have already dropped 2 more pounds and I have had the motivation to join two exercise classes already this week."

- Sandy B / Florida