[BETTER SEX] MyBeliefworks for Improving Your Sex Life MP3 & PDF

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Getting too much or not getting enough; releasing dysfunction, taboos, shame, fear, self-judgment. Increasing or decreasing sex drive, fulfillment, joy, ease, and pleasure.

Dedicate each listening session to one specific sexual challenge and or issue in order to spiritually, energetically release & erase that individual issue on all levels.

This recording offers designed statements that have come in from super consciousness over a long period of time that help/contribute to and balance us out in a healthy way to change, release, erase, and even just listening could resolve these issues on all levels.

Sample clearings: 
"I release sexual inflexibility of body and mind tiredness, over-tired, exhaustion and I realign with painless, graceful energy that allows me to experience deep, gratifying sexual bliss."

"I release any sexual chaos, drama, trauma and feelings of sexual conflict, and I release anything that is against my will, what creates an imbalance of power that would dissipate my sexual energy."

"I release the feelings of the past traits of inadequate sex and how I felt used for sex or used another for sex, and I realize that every time that I have sex it's an opportunity to take my sex to a deeper level."

It's safe and comfortable to confide in my lover about what pleases me, and what isn't pleasing me, and I can be open and honest with what works for me and what won't work for me."

I live without nervousness, fear, restlessness and the stress of lack of sex, dreading sex and release worrying about the amounts of sex as being too much or not enough."

Includes over 40 mins of audio with over 120 clearings

1 MP3 audio and 1 PDF written transcript