[MONEY JOY] MyBeliefWorks™ for Instilling the Joy of Money MP3 & PDF

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This brand new Instilling the Joy of Money audio is a potent and positive "money booster" made to turbo-boost and strengthen YOUR energetic alignment with ALL forms of money!

It's all about reinforcing the joy of money and stimulating better money flow & manifestation in your life as well as aligning you with money blessings and future money. It is designed to be a companion piece with ANY of the other six MyBeliefWorks clearing titles in the Prosperity/Abundance Audio Series. 

Separated into these sections:

    -- Reinforcing the joy of money
    -- Having greater money flow and manifestation with business
    -- Creating money blessings with faith & gratitude
    -- and Manifesting future money with joy

    • "I know the true happiness of having money."
    • "I am joy-filled to share my wealth with others. Spirit guides me with a trusting hand."
    • "Money flows to me in loving and kind manifestations, money is clean."
    • "The river of uninterrupted revenue flows to me."
    • "I’m constantly blessed with riches that allow me to work on projects I love."
    • "I spin my energy into monetary outcomes."
    Includes 100 money joy booster statements delivered on one 1 PDF written transcript embedded with a link to the 17-minute MP3 audio recording. 

    Instantly playable on any computer or mobile device!

    **IMPT. NOTE** When you get access to your download, it will come to you in a single PDF format ONLY (you aren't missing a file) **The MP3 of Listening Instructions & Clearings are now separated into two (2) audio files on Page 1 for improved listening for those who loop the clearings on repeat!

    This should ease the access for both desktop & mobile users to now open both pdf & audio on one download link. Due to Apple's mobile download limitations: iPhone, iPad only purchases may still be required to request the alternate links or get one of their free file downloader Apps. 

    Here's What People Are Saying...

    "I'm so excited! I've been listening to Jimmy's prosperity MP3s for about 4 months and I just received a windfall of $50,550.  Thank you for sharing your insights Jimmy." - Eddy D

    “You know that satisfying feeling when you start peeling a banana or an orange…the sense that something is coming away to reveal something better? That’s how I felt after listening to this download about money. Like the good stuff was right under the surface, just waiting to come to light!” - B.B. Los Angeles, CA

    "Thank you so much. I love the new Joy of Money! It is super powerful and very energetic..in fact it also has completely cleared my place.  A great space clearing to boot!  It is like there is room for new riches to manifest now.  Feeling very joyful and happy after listening to this lovely mp3. I look forward to many more lovely results. I will keep you posted. Your creations are truly beautiful." - Rahima

    "I love Joy of Money!!! I was literally looking for a cornucopia yesterday, today I found one and in this download is cornucopia. The synchronicity is uncanny. Also today my husband bought a big deal when he sells it in a few days the profit will be spent on three new cars for the kids. I'm so thankful for this Audio MP3, it’s like the heavens lined up, our lives are getting  better and better." - Kiki K / Kansas City

    "I listened to this recording several times, then I got an unexpected check in the mail for $700 dollars. Thanks Jimmy!" - C.G.

    "I love the soothing voice of Jimmy Mack..the clearing of patterns..seeing money and finances in a new way..financial ninja...what a great description!  Truly..another successful program..much gratitude." - Kathryn

    "Good morning Jimmy, I listened to your masterpiece, The Joy of Money MP3! It was very early in in the morning, before starting my workday. I am a realtor, and had a closing to attend that morning. Lo and behold after depositing my commission check, I realized it was $600 OVER! Title companies usually never make mistakes, I'm sure they will figure it out and we will have to work it out, but in the meantime I had a chuckle! You never know where your money is going to come from and if people want to give me extra, that's fine by me! I'm sure I'll have plenty more stories to share. As always thank you for your uplifting words. I especially love the part that said financial ninjas Will be working ahead of me and clearing the space for more Money!" - Kat D. / Colorado

    "Jimmy Mack‘s audio indication of abundance is comprehensive touching on all points of light in which the flow of abundance can be called forth  to manifest. The invocation is anchored in positive healing energy. Jimmy’s tone and tempo induce calm allowing focus on the content of the invocation  and aligning our vibration with spirit  opening one to the abundance being called fourth. It is a pleasurable uplifting listen And a powerful effective invocation Thank you Jimmy for the blessing of your work and spiritual connection enter generosity." - Gregory B, MD/ Philadelphia