[ADDICTION] MyBeliefworks for Overcoming Addiction MP3 & PDF

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MyBeliefworks™ for Overcoming Addiction MP3 and PDF

Addictions can often consume us, our family and our lives.  Just by listening to this MP3, I believe it could make the difference in your recovery and bring you back from those patterns that you know full well are destructive, but on some level you have been powerless to stop them.  I believe this could actually delete those beliefs and patterns and be the catalyst to return you to the wellness you remember!

Sample clearings:
"I have the power and capacity to be myself without the aid of anything or anyone else."
"The DNA of my body has been released from the cravings of my addictions."
"It's safe and comfortable for me to feel and I'm pain-free doing so." 
"I am released from all behaviors that trigger my addictions"

Includes over 20 mins of audio with over 100 clearings
1 MP3 audio and 1 PDF written transcript, instantly downloadable