[PROSPERITY UNLOCKED] MyBeliefWorks™ for Clearing the Blocks that Will Unlock Greater Pro$perity, Wealth and Riche$ MP3 & PDF

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Strengthening your body, mind and spiritual alignment so you can download the keys to unlock and grow your natural prosperity and wealth. Taking you back to your soul’s reference point of where you had wealth and riches during any and all other lifetimes when it all lined up. 

Includes clearings for: Having Money Find You, Creating Wealth and Riches, Creating Business Success and Prosperity, Financial Comfort in Retirement, Greater Money Flow and Manifestation.

  • "I am a lure for money.  It’s easy for money to find me."
  • "Money surrounds me; my attitude and feelings towards wealth are healthy."
  • "I build positive energy currents of income into my life; the tides are always in my favor."
  • "I release all generational and DNA chains that had linked my destiny with poverty."
  • "I have been freed from the 9 to 5 grind. I am comfortable with not going to a job 5 days a week."
  • "I am more than prepared for this retirement, my finances have excelled."

Includes over 109 clearings delivered on one 1 PDF written transcript embedded with a link to the 26-minute MP3 audio recording. Now delivered as 2 separate audios Introduction & Clearings.

Instantly playable on any computer or mobile device!

**IMPT. NOTE** When you get access to your download, it will come to you in a single PDF format ONLY (you aren't missing a file) **The MP3 of Listening Instructions & Clearings are now separated into two (2) audio files on Page 1 for improved listening for those who loop the clearings on repeat!

This should ease the access for both desktop & mobile users to now open both pdf & audio on one download link. Due to Apple's mobile download limitations: iPhone, iPad only purchases may still be required to request the alternate links or get one of their free file downloader Apps. 

Here's What People Are Saying...

"After listening for just days, I was awarded a $200,000 project that I was bidding against three other competitors... and I WON IT!" - Joyce Pellegrini

Watch Joyce's full video testimonial here.

"OMG This is simply amazing while listening to this I have three people sign up for my monthly subscription and two people call for appointments! This is a must have!"
- Toni Greene / Psychic Medium

"Thank you so much. I just finished reading through it & it’s amazing. I look forward to powerful positive change with this & the awesome ‘Prosperity Unlocked’.  Great work!" - Caroline D. 

“Is doing just okay financially okay? Not really. But getting to the next level with attracting and maintaining more prosperity has always seemed a little elusive. Sometimes, trying harder doesn’t gets results and that creates frustration and setbacks. I felt like I had to accept where I was at but still wanted to up-level financially. I was thrilled to find out Jimmy had a targeted financial MP3 that could help me get to and stay at that next level with money. I felt like the blocks and hang-ups were peeling off me like onion skin layers, old junk that was holding me back. Very excited to see what’s coming up now!” BB / Los Angeles, CA

"Jimmy Mack has created the most powerful and comprehensive invocation of financial abundance I have ever encountered The scope of the energetic attunement is broad calling forth prosperity from all aspects of the light universe and specifically opens by name a multitude of channels through which financial abundance will flow to the listener." - Greg B. / Pennsylvania

"Just listened a 2nd time...after 1st listen a project came in which has been out there now for 18 months... Yesterday... looks like 200k should drop next week.  Your work is easy to listen to and allows THE UNIVERSE  to deliver....We just need to get out of our way.  Thank You xxoo. I plan on listening daily and watch what happens..." - Joyce P / Chicago

"This is definitely one of Jimmy's best! From shaking your money tree, to accumulating wealth and bringing in a trustworthy financial planner, Jimmy opens doors that you never even knew existed! His carefully chosen, Spirit-infused words provide the self-worth AND confidence that can only deliver success and abundance! I had a warm smile, and deep inner-knowing feeling while listening. I can hardly wait to see what shows up and look forward to listening to this empowering MP3 again. There is no doubt that it will bring well deserved success and abundance my way! I promise to share  - the good stories when they happen. Thank you so much, Dearest Jimmy Mack! - Katherine D / Colorado

"How to become a successful business owner:  Step 1: Listen to Jimmy Mack's 'Prosperity Unlocked'....and go from there!  These divine word tracks are a masterstroke that lay out the perfect path towards a prosperous outcome, removing obstacles, weathering the storm, navigating the challenges, and achieving that desired state-of-being that bears fruit and allows us to do best what we were each put here to do.  As the saying goes, 'A problem well-defined is a problem half-solved'....and this heaven-sent blueprint so well-defines the Divine plan that one quickly begins to realize that there is, in fact, no problem at all.  Only forward triumph, fortune, and an ever-ascending outcome will come to those who hop down the golden stepping stones provided herein.  Thanks again Jimmy for bringing us God's best!" --Justin / Tampa, FL

"Jimmy Mack has provided so many solid avenues for healing over the years. Each grows on the last and he always knows exactly what I need in the moment.  This latest compilation of clearing, prosperity, abundance and good fortune is the best yet!  Thanks for freeing me from my own mind and allowing me to learn, know, feel and accept clear, abundant living."  - Amber P /Largo, FL


"The new prosperity unlocked MP3 seemed just like what I needed to hear.  The clearings are right on point.  Your voice is so soothing and re-assuring, like everything is perfect right now.  Later in the afternoon I received a nice e-mail from an associate whom I have been sending some potential work his way for over a year.  Yesterday he thanked me and said he wanted me to know he wants to discuss how to compensate me for my efforts with his company!  Thank you Jimmy Mack for all you do!   You knocked it out of the park again. Kudos and much gratitude." - Kathryn Mihalek /Gulfport, FL