[WORK AND CAREER] MyBeliefworks for Having Success in Work, Job, and Career MP3/PDF

[WORK AND CAREER] MyBeliefworks for Having Success in Work, Job, and Career MP3/PDF

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Whether you are thrilled with where you work now and just want to move up, or if you feel stuck and want to move out and change careers, this audio covers it all. Even if you are in a job now, want to go to work for a competitor, go back to school all while doing a multi-level marketing sales product, it's in here! In my past I did it all, including 3 part-time jobs all at the same time, so I know and was intuitively guided to co-create what will surely be the boost that you are looking for and so truly need!

This MP3 is INCLUDED with purchase of the Practitioner Certification Program

Sample clearings:

"All of my work, job and career communications and actions are filled with grace and ease now and are well received by my co-workers, colleagues and even competitors."


"I process any and all work, chaos, drama, trauma, upsets and hurts with grace and ease and know that by forgiving I'm also releasing myself from negativity too."


"I process sales with gusto because customers and clients trust me and my approach cultivates a can do and a buy attitude of completed sales without the need to sell."


"It is safe and comfortable to release excess work hurts, feelings, disappointments and upsets that have been years in the making and allow these events to wash away from me now."


"I believe, think, know and feel I forgive myself and my work family issues now and it’s okay to be on the lookout for ways that I can move upward and onward to a better job, career and outcomes."

Includes over 30 mins of audio with over 120 total clearings

MP3 audio with 1 PDF transcript