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Remember the movie "Planes, Trains and Automobiles?" Ugh, packing, running late, extra traffic, rude people, delays, turbulence and the TSA…. it’s all in this Audio and can clear the path to make any trip more Zen-like, peaceful and calm! This audio MP3 encompasses every aspect of travel regardless of the vehicle, destination and whether it is going home for the holidays (YIKES) or a routine business trip that you or a loved one has been on a hundred times. Just listening to this audio will insert ease, grace and peace into every aspect of your itinerary. Clients who listened to this for the first time noticed remarkable changes that seemed to eliminate their stress, worry and dread about their pending travel plans, it DOES make a difference.

The travel audio mp3 is an ideal companion piece to all of our other audio mp3s. If you've ever experienced layover wait times and missed flights or international travel this audio mp3 energetically smooths all that out so that both the departing and return trips have a higher potential to be flawless and smooth. Whether you travel all the time or you want to get back to traveling or you would just like to go on vacation or a cruise, this audio mp3 will pave the way for you to experience more enjoyment before, during and even after the trip.

Sample clearings:

  • "I know when, where, how, and why to create the best possible travel arrangements free of over or under packing and devoid of mechanical failures or delays."
  • "I will enjoy traveling for work or pleasure and look forward to the process and it is safe and comfortable for me to breeze past security, and customs."
  • "My temporary bedroom where I will be staying promotes restful sleep and my bed is comfortable and my sleep restorative and easy for me."
  • "I release any travel worry, chaos, drama, trauma, and feelings of conflict, and I release anything that creates an imbalance of power that would dissipate my travel energy"
  • "I can obtain what is ideal travel for me and I let go of family entanglements and realize as I let go of all family stress I can reach a place of peace."

Includes 35 mins of audio with over 120 clearings
Delivered on 1 PDF written transcript with the MP3 audio link at the top of page 1.

Here's what people are saying:

"Hi Jimmy, I made it - all is well it was smooth sailing through customs/immigration, thank you for the boost, I listened to the Travel mp3 on the plane it helped a lot!" - M.B. / Phillipines

"I have to admit - wasn't super excited about the travel audio...was more interested in your book and the sleep one. Must say - LOVED it - as someone who stresses about travel - it was a true surprise blessing!!!!" - A.C. / Australia

"I am a bit of a world traveler, so wasn't sure if I should to listen to this one, but knowing how much I love hearing Jimmy's voice, I decided to tune in (while sitting in my hot tub, with head phones on)! I so enjoyed all the positive affirmations and went for a bike ride directly afterwards. Boy, was I in for a surprise! I recently moved near the beaches and amazingly on this ride, found a magical little bike path that took me all the way to the beach, far removed from all traffic and noise (about a half an hour ride)! I was like a little kid winding through nature preserves and ended up right in front of the beach! YES, UNIVERSE! I am open to new, safe and adventurous travel! Thanks, as always" - K.D. / Florida