Reinvigorating Your Work Life Switches - May 2020

Reinvigorating Your Work Life Switches - May 2020

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Originally recorded May 27 , 2020.

This call was all about Reinvigorating Your Work Life Switches and it's always amazing to me how everything comes together with these calls and we once again had some amazing contributions that will benefit all listeners now and in the future.

We broke the items down into clearings for Negativity, Fear and Worry; Next Steps, New Direction and Motivation; and Positive Affirmations all in support of the Work Life Theme.

We go really, really fast on these calls and we're striving for quality over quantity and know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand on things and cover the clearings in a much deeper way.

This download is a 30-minute video download file* (Audio-only file available upon request)

Listener comments:

"It was a great call and I really enjoyed being on it live."- Kathy
"Jimmy's session was wonderful. Thanks so much." - Robert



  • I don’t want to go back to the office
  • I have anxiety about going back to work 
  • I have a sense of fear from working with the manager in this job  
  • I don’t believe I can get new clients/ grow my business/ get referrals from home
  • I have blocks that “I don’t work” "have no value", "am defective", "somethings wrong with me
  • need to stop work abuse
  • I'm afraid to get excited or hopeful--my body reacts to it like adrenal fatigue the next day.
  • I need help from people, a proper team of attorneys etc and I lack of trust
  • I'm too sensitive to people reacting badly
  • I'm resisting working and acting like a child saying "I don't wanna do that"
  • I feel guilty for wanting to take a year off after we sell our business
  • I'm concerned that an increase of success as an entrepreneur will activate my prior workaholic tendencies
  • I fear the increased business flow will overtake my life and prevent me from experiencing and discovering the more of life
  • I feel trepidation that further success will require me to go public
  • I fear not having enough energy/stamina to maintain success
  • I have a fear of overwhelming paperwork and emails in self-employment success
  • I want to release the idea that working for Spirit means I must experience more trauma in my life or that something unusual needs to occur in order to make me special in this world
  • I'm concerned that working at home will continue and salaries will be reduced at the same time
  • I have blocks from jealous colleagues and others
  • worried that schools won’t reopen in the Fall and it will affect my going back to work   
  • I have a fear of dying before winning  
  • Actually following thru when an opportunity arises
  • Having the patience to wait for a great opportunity if it doesn't happen in the the frame I think it should
  • Listening and believing my inner voice when something pops up
  • Help to get approved for the business grant or any funds needed for start-up
  • Not being afraid to speak up to someone that can facilitate moving a project forward
  • help with blocks around organizing and decision making
  • help getting past grief, guilt, and resentment, feelings of having no support, no real connection/community and love
  • My vibration is low and I worry I'll sink back in to the deep depression I was in 
  • I feel like “I can’t be bothered” and “what’s the point anyway”, despondent
  • Where has all the enthusiasm gone?  Can’t get inspired for the future. 
  • I feel like a ship that’s lost anchor and I'm in a new pattern of drifting 
  • Help me to feel excited to return to my job and work place environment.
  • I am feeling disconnected from work, since I have been working from home longer than I had been working in the office.
  • I felt like I was being watched and judged when I am working in the office.
  • I feel that people hear my voice and either dismiss me or think that I don’t know what I am talking about   


  • asking for clarity for taking next steps in my businesses
  • asking spirit to take out any blocks preventing me from making progress
  • asking spirit to give me greater confidence in my abilities regarding my business endeavors  
  • asking spirit to please let me know my true path to success and fulfillment 
  • asking spirit to please assist me in managing my work/life balance with continued grace and ease
  • Turn on my switch so I can easily find the right people, information and resources to become financially independent start a highly successful and profitable business (and they find me too)
  • Turn on my successful entrepreneur switch so I can turn what I'm passionate about into an extremely, highly profitable business that benefits a massive amount of people.
  • It's safe and comfortable for to me access the skills, knowledge and gifts that I have and to easily learn new skills & knowledge to create a highly successful and profitable business that I love.
  • Please turn on my switch so I have a lot of passion, motivation and drive to actively put my steps into motion 
  • please unblock anything that is holding me back from manifesting my gifts rapidly
  • Please clear any blocks due to a physical illness or limitation that is delaying me from resuming work and invigorating my life
  • please open my heart so that I may offer my gifts and talents to the world and be of the best possible service and make progress everyday
  • I'm asking for guidance from Spirit in the form of stronger intuition regarding my work/career choice  
  • I'm asking for enthusiasm, motivation and creativity to pursue the next level of my business success  
  • it's safe and comfortable for me to transition from my current work to work that I love  
  • It's safe and comfortable for me to go in a totally new direction with my career
  • it's safe and comfortable for me to just make a move  
  • it's safe and comfortable for me to jump in and establish my business legally    
  • I have the confidence and decisiveness that I can and will find the right career path to pursue AND that I can monetize them well and quickly 
  • I have the confidence to put myself out there re-inventing myself in a new career...or two of them!! 
  • remove all limiting thoughts and beliefs, emotional and energetic blocks - any procrastination & all resistances to becoming financially independent & finding ways to make massive amounts of passive income  
  • to understand my soul's purpose that it may be so clear and easy to see, and follow it with love and devotion   


  • All I want to achieve in this job/business/career will happen for me  
  • My cherished outcomes are in perfect alignment with my highest values 
  • I enjoy every minute of my work day and I choose the perfect balance of work and play throughout each day
  • I attract the perfect clients for any and all of my new products and servicesI'm paid well for my authentic, joyful actions and just for being me
  • I am competent completing a variety of tasks with grace and ease
  • I have a fun, loving, supportive community of people and clients in a thriving work environment
  • throughout all my employment and income sources, I feel like I am playing and supporting others with love
  • I have new and returning ideal clients reaching out to me
  • Clients are happy to pay my price for my products & services
  • I create inspired business communication
  • I create and implement effective new marketing strategies
  • good luck and good fortune come to me with new work and job promotion opportunities  
  • I trust and act on my creative ideas for the next "pet rock"
  • please turn on the switch to once again feel joyful every day   
  • my life experiences go from boredom to inspiration and joy
  • I believe, know, think and feel that I have a gift to offer other people by being the person who I am right now.
  • show me and tell me how to stop over thinking my gifts or aiming for perfection before I start creating a life of beauty and richness
  • I'm safe and comfortable knowing that this next phase of life will not look anything like the past and I release the need to use only past outcomes and experiences to create the future
  • Spirit please show me and tell me how to pace myself and not feel guilty for taking time off that's planned for this summer  
  • I trust all will be okay if I retire earlier than planned  
  • please turn off my brain fog switch and bring in crystal clear clarity and sharpness 
  • it's safe and comfortable for me to get back to work and be the chosen person for the job despite my disability/ blindness
  • Any person who reviews my application will see my disability as a benefit and will focus on what I CAN do and choose to hire ME  
  • it's safe and comfortable to have a disability and apply for a job and be highly considered on the basis of my talents and skills
  • I believe, think, know and feel that I have many skills that a lot of companies would love to have
  • I have the courage to go against what family has defined me as being and their images of me and what I'm qualified to do career-wise
  • I'm confident in my physical appearance despite being extremely obese and it's safe and comfortable for me to look and feel powerful and beautiful in my clothes and being seen by others
  • Show me and tell me how to have stronger discernment.
  • Show me and tell me how to increase my forward momentum daily.
  • Show me and tell me how to open up my creativity/creative thinking
  • switch on my immunity to fear and indecision  
  • turn on my switch to increase monthly income by 10% or better each month
  • spirit please show me an immediate miracle to clear credit card debt totally 
  • I live a life of Joy, magic, clarity, health and hope
  • it’s ok to be financially abundant and let go of any lack consciousness
  • my finances always overflow and I always have more than I can spend and give away.