Restoring Inner Peace During Outer Chaos Switches -  June 2020

Restoring Inner Peace During Outer Chaos Switches - June 2020

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Originally recorded June 24, 2020.

I'm always amazed at the power of the group coming together and the variety of items/issues that are submitted. We broke them down into issues of Personal Challenges or Concerns; Relationship Challenges or Concerns and Prayers and Switches.

When we all come together like this we make a huge difference not only in our lives but in the lives of others as well. We covered so much ground with this call with deep material and know that you are benefiting just by being a listener. And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand on things and cover the clearings in a much deeper way.

This download is a 30-minute video download file (Audio-only file available upon request)


  • Clear me from feeling so much anxiety
  • Feeling isolated and confused
  • Overwhelming sadness that paralyzes action/inactivity   
  • it feels like I pretty much lost my mojo
  • I'm in a fog where nothing works and everything is hard work
  • I'm tired and have a mountain of work at home
  • I'm under pressure to "pull rabbits out of hats" at work
  • I'm in a bubble. I'm too numb to make peace with the collected dead from this time - personal and professional.
  • asking for peace on the street I live on and surrounding neighbors
  • clear me from getting in my own way
  • I feel pressured for cash from my family and I have abundance issues.
  • Moving forward from shame so that I feel worthy and deserving enough of abundance and success.
  • Healing financial debts and burdens  
  • Bringing prosperity and money to me
  •  please turn up my intuition and focus to be able to keep performing my job at home at a higher level     
  • asking for healthy, blood flow/arteries/veins/heart and taking us out of any response that causes “our blood to boil”
  • asking for excellent health without medication 
  • clear all prior inaccurate or misguided notions from the past that keep us stuck in the past
  • clear the need to respond/over respond and to correct all wrongs and make ourselves right and the other person wrong  
  • clear collective consciousness being forced into a state of fear, unable to rise above and think logically/clearly/with love from their heart 
  • freedom from the more and more people imposing their will/agendas on myself and others
  • Judging myself/others 
  •  feeling anger/impatience    
  • feeling irritable  / intolerant of others in our society
  • feeling triggered and annoyed by others' unconsciousness/stupidity/ lack of common sense/common decency
  • feeling enraged with corruption at the top level people/organisations who have ONE WORLD agenda, who want to make human slaves, the Cabal, Deep State.
  • I have so much ANGER within me and easily get triggered by any injustice done in the name of racism, sexism, ethnicity, etc. 
  • clear anger about domestic violence due to growing up in a family with a violent father 
  • not having a creative outlet for my emotions
  • freedom from daily news, lies and manipulation, political abuses and self-serving agendas    
  •  Everything is a mess and feels like it's too late to fix.    
  • Let the noise stop with the protesting, guide the president to be the leader he should be for this country and kill the virus. Let there be peace on earth and may everyone stay healthy.
  • Missing seeing family properly 
  • I desire to have a peaceful, loving, caring and respectful relationship with my family 
  •  Healing & maintaining peace and harmonious mood / energies in my home   
  • Family tensions at home especially during this lockdown with kids, homeschooling and husband's workplace closed. It can be overwhelming at times
  • Difficulty communicating with others who are constantly negative/watching the news all the time/stuck in a '3D' mindset.
  • The energy in my home and my physical energy is still stuck. Turn it on and up, I'm ready!
  • That my Mom creates a happy fulfilling life for herself without depending on me, after losing my stepfather to Covid
  • That my relationship breakdown with my brother is healed
  • clear my anxiety about moving and the lack of support during the move 
  • would like to have any obstacles to moving/relocating removed  
  • Bring peace to my family/relationship between myself, my estranged children and my husband.
  • i wish to clear any blocks to making lots of new friends who care about my interests and ideas
  •  remove people from my life trying to hold me back in their old ways of thinking.
  • That I effortlessly find the perfect second dog for my dog and  I that contributes what we both need 
  • there's no peace between our cats and is making life miserable 
  • Lock down for my autistic, transgender child has made them more introverted and entrenched feeling more personally "locked down" 
  • I need a miracle to get my child back on track emotionally and educationally. Lockdown has screwed up their education and socialisation   
  • allow the earth's energy to ground me and create a vortex to bring down the energy of divinity
  • to expand my heart light/energy/love and be willing to share that with the world
  • to let go of my reactive nature and trust that my ability to respond is exactly the way to go
  • turn on switch for mental, physical and spiritual health  
  •  recalling and restoring the soul shards of everyone on the call and everyone they come in contact with and so on    
  • prayers for more groundedness and inner peace and harmony
  • Feeling more optimistic and hopeful vs. jaded and cynical about current events in the world.  
  • Turn on all our switches including our children and mate for feeling and being whole/complete and fulfilled in our lives
  • turn on all our switches for emotional maturity, for always being calm and level-headed in all places and situations with all people
  • to see the true reality of everything from a much higher perspective, for self-love, self-respect, self-worth, the sweetness of our lives, for giving and receiving love/respect and kindness with all others
  • prayers for true and compassionate discernment in all situations with everyone,
  • prayers for clear powerful connection and unity with divine love, peace and tranquility, and balanced divine feminine and masculine energies,
  • prayers for laughter/humor and fun, for wonderment and discovery, expansion of our souls, for unlimited miracles
  • prayers for lasting, graceful, peace of mind, body and spirit for all.  
  • prayers to expand the quantum field of our reality every day so we have more time to do our work/business/school/exercise/clubs/to-do list, have fun and spend time with each other, our children, family, friends and the divine.
  • turn off switches that keep us fragmented, polarized, in victimhood, in duality and separation and that keeps us trapped in repetitive thoughts, patterns and behaviors that are negative for us and/or towards others
  • Turn off all our switches for: frustration, fears, sadness, depression, anger, stress, anxiety, 
  • Turn off all our switches for: prejudices, emotional detachment, abuse, aggression, 
  • Turn off all our switches for: stubbornness, self-righteousness, judgement, 
  • Turn off all our switches for: drama and trauma, gas-lighting and lies, manipulations, deceptions, negative and false beliefs/information/teachings,  
  •  Turn off all our switches for:  jealousy, blaming, rudeness and meanness, revenge,  
  • prayers for all the choices we make,  all the trips we take, every place we go, we are always safe, guided and guarded by spirit.    
  •  prayers to work with the highest guidance we are ready to receive to show us the way forward, and the vision for the world to live in harmony, peace and freedom.