[RESTORE] Returning to Your Ethereal Restore Point Processes

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Format: PDF download with 2 embedded MP3 download links 

Total length: 23 minutes (separate clearings audio 8 minutes)

This a supportive clearing that uniquely focuses on restoring your Body and Mind to their purest state by collapsing and scrambling energy waves and then harmonizing your energetic frequencies on all levels to the point of creation, the original blueprint.

I believe that we are sparks of divine energy and are far more dynamic and powerful than we can even imagine.  Often we get bogged down in religion, societal norms, politics, family, school, work, job career, relationships and these tend to create barnacles, seaweed, sea floor mud if you will. 

When you can raise your energy, frequency and vibration even higher than it is now, it's as if we release all of the negative matter and feel restored to our original divine blueprint and splendor. It is like the thermostat for the whole house of your being.

When listening to the Restore Point audio MP3, it is to be used for a greater overall effect for your entire life (macro) and could still be utilized for anything else like (micro) a broken leg in a cast that you'd like to see restored to optimal health FASTER. 

1) Returning to the Restore Point of The Body
2) Returning to the Restore Point of The Mind
3) Releasing Unseen Interference
4) The Daily Float / 3-6-9 to 9-6-3
5) Assessing Your Reference Point on the Scale
6) Restore Point Clearings and Affirmations  (This 8-minute section has been edited into its own MP3 download file for ease of looping)


Q&A for Restore Point

Q) When is the right time to listen to the Restore Point Body & Spirit clearings? 
A) When I ask Spirit it tests as upon rising or as you're laying in bed.  it could help you calibrate and have a better day!

Q) Do I have to know and think of the specific pattern that is interfering before I can go to a restore point? 
A) No, the energy is super intelligent so it is not imperative however you could think of an area in your life that may be blocked or weakened and call upon the energy to infuse and strengthen that particular area

Q) What are some examples of specific patterns that I would use this for? ie: lifelong victimhood? addiction?
A) YES to all, the only limits are within your mind!  Think of it as plug and play and filling in the areas of your life that need more love and support.

Q) Is this meant to be listened to daily? how will the effects be amplified? 
A)  I would listen to it when you feel drawn to it.  Even playing it on loop at a low volume can only help contribute to improving your life!

Q) Should I listen to the Clearings/Affirmations section first? on loop? What do you recommend? 
A) When I check in with the energy it's YES, listen to those as clearings first as they will co-create allowance and acceptance for diving in deeper!

Q) What are common things people have said after listening to this? 
A) "reinforcement of positive feelings",
"feels like a brain reboot",
"like a "squeegee clearing gunk off your windshield",
"reminds me of my creative potency",
 "it untangles the fish net of trauma and negative self-talk",
"relaxing and rejuvenating to listen to",
"easy to listen to but the impact is immense!",
"very soothing and calming",
 "I definitely felt lighter each time I listened",
 "If you had to choose one clearing track from Jimmy’s treasure chest...this would be it!"
 "a powerful recording creating an instant positive shift in wellbeing, calmness, peacefulness, and lightness."

Q) "Hi Jimmy, Just purchased this and the gift.  Thank you!  Was just reading through the information .  About returning to the restore point of the body - will this also restore our muscular skeletal system? nervous system?  respiratory?  and all the other systems and components????? I am excited to get started."  - Bonnie S.

A) "great question to include in this week's E newsletter and of course you know the answer!  absolutely, raising your overall vibration changes EVERYTHING" - JMack

"Thanks, as always! I've listened to the Restore Point MP3 and Cosmic Currency bonus a couple of times now, and really do feel it's steering me in the right direction, especially regarding my general outlook on things and emotional mindset."  - T. Diaz

"Hi Jimmy, I recently bought your Ethereal Restore Point and received the Cosmic Currency download as well.  Today I listened to both of these and initially felt great. Within an hour I was contacted by someone I recently met wanting to book a session, and a longtime regular client who had been sick for two months, also to book a session. As usual I am blown away by the effectiveness and speed of the results from your awesome products! Many thanks and bright blessings to you. Warmest hugs," - Ariel

"Love this, we appreciate you sending it in. It's not my hobby it's all I do LOL and I am thrilled with your outcomes. This is the kind of thing that happens... most audio MP3s I release take about a year to develop now you know why. Super powerful stuff Spirit is doing all the heavy lifting all I am doing is channeling the way and writing the script of what they're whispering in my ear." - JMack