Supercharging Your Abundance Switches - Jan. 2020

Supercharging Your Abundance Switches - Jan. 2020

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Originally recorded January 8, 2020.

This call was all about Supercharging Your Abundance Switches and we had some amazing contributions that covered a lot of aspects which will benefit all listeners now and in the future.

We go really, really fast on these calls and we're striving for quality over quantity and know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand on things and cover the clearings in a much deeper way.

This download is a 30-minute video download file (Audio-only file available upon request)

Here's what people are saying:

"What I notice most after having attended the Abundance/Supercharging Abundance, Luck, Breakthrough/Plandemic Switches, and I'm sure even more so after next week's Work/Life Switches call, is that I'm not worried.  I truly feel more and more fortunate and abundant in my blessings, monetary and otherwise. " - T. Diaz/ Colorado 


  • feeling and believing in having abundance.  
  • overcome past financial mistakes guilt and sorrow​
  • allow financial abundance to pay off credit debts and be free of all debt
  • ​Giving myself permission to be both spiritual and wealthy
  • Becoming the financial source for my family, friends and people around me who are in need
  • Receiving more than enough financial resources to do everything I want to do and create everything I wish to create
  • Taking back my power I gave away as a child in relation to all aspects of money ​as a result of being brainwashed by parents, school, etc. 
  • believing that money is bad, corruptive, dangerous, dirty, treacherous and unattainable for a regular person. 
  • releasing ALL limiting beliefs associated with money and making Money 
  • Releasing any and all fears associated with money.
  • ​Receiving money in ​Life is a race and everyone else is my competitor    ​
  • Forgiving myself for thinking bad about money and for treating money poorly and asking money to forgive me for it.
  • Giving thanks and being authentically and deeply grateful for any money that ever graced my life no matter how small the amount.
  • Release all expectations and attachment to outcome in everything related to money.
  • Allowing myself to receive easy money, unexpected money, and being paid millions of US dollars for no reason – just for being me!!!
  • Opening my heart all the way to become an infinite receiver
  • all my assets are safe from hackers and scammers
  •  I release all resentments and the need for comparisons for those that appear to have more than me
  • turn off Stagnant online sales switch, turn on the abundance of ongoing sales
  • Be able to sell any unwanted things quickly with ease and grace.
  • turning off being a Shopaholic switch
  • Stress and fear about tax filing process, the tax deadline and the administrative procedures around that.
  • Fear of investment. do not know how, when, where to invest with total ease.
  • Fear of losing it all.  
  • Fear of be cheated on money, scam, theft, robbery, being taken advantage of.
  • ​to have a job that I love, that pays me more than I need and adds value to my life in every way.
  • turn off the Guilty of spending money switch
  • turn off switch of being a Penny-pincher.
  • turn off switch of being a Hoarder.
  • turn off the switch for having Stinginess, not willing to share with people.
  • a wonderful flow of clients who are able and happy to pay for services 
  • Clearing all blocks to fully understand any and all types of financial calculations.
  • Clearing all blocks to fully understand any and all types of financial and real estate investments.
  • Clearing all blocks to fully understand all law terms and all law languages related to finances, real estate and investments.
  • Put in all the good stuff, wisdom and knowledge to fully understand all finances, financial and real estate investments, and their related terms and legal language.
  • Make clear to me today a way to financially support me and my passions. That’s easy breezy and for the good of all.
  • Abundance of Wealth/Money in all its forms are flowing IN, AROUND & THROUGH Me Right Now & I’m Enjoying It & Living My Life to the Fullest
  • being ​the frequency of monetary prosperity
  • clear the root of poverty consciousness from all timelines, lifetimes, dimensions and realities, through all generational and ancestral lines, forward and backward through time.
  • clear all past habits and beliefs around never having quite enough money and living in almost daily money worry as a result.
  • to download and attract habits of increasing savings and investments and increase money miracles in my earning capacity.
  • growing connection with spirit ongoing, so I can download creativity, ideas, and concepts to turn into money making products to help humanity  
  • Bring me the best of the best tools needed to create my products that are reliable easy breezy fun to use.