Supporting Women and Honoring Goddess Energy - May 2023

Supporting Women and Honoring Goddess Energy - May 2023

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Originally recorded May 31, 2023.

I was very excited about this call... I mean who doesn't want more goddess energy and embracing their feminine side - very important in this day and age. I really salute the Goddess energy and I love women. I believe them to be wildly psychic, loving and caring and without them - you would not be reading this now! This call was in honor of Mom and all Mother Goddess energy and awakening your spirit of intuition.

We structured the pieces of this call so can we make it about us, maybe a family member, a neighbor or a friend and then the worldwide view. You'll also hear me working with the new life-force numbers advanced clearing concept which we will be releasing to you all very soon. 

We separated the submissions into 3 different categories: - Clearing Physical Issues and Challenges of Self

- Clearing Issues and Challenges of Family & Loved Ones

- Harmonizing and Honoring Goddess Energy Worldwide

      And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.  The video replay link is available now, it's just as powerful as having been listening live. 

      This is a 37-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)

      Here's what some live listeners wrote in saying:

      "My hands were moving most of the time,then it got super intense like in a deep meditation. Very Very powerful and the best is that it seems like you have a good time!" - Gosia

      "Thanks so much, Jimmy Mack.  I had asked for some specific healing for a chronic physical issue, and I immediately felt it had hugely improved, which carried over into today.  Yay!" - T. Diaz

      I) Clearing Physical Issues and Challenges of Self:

      1. I deeply desire a release of excess weight, for full strength and health and wellness and for alignment in spine and right side of body.
      2. I request a release of emotions held in the neck shoulders and upper back
      3. Request clearings for the cataract from my left eye and the reasons it appeared along with clearing the potential for it show up in my right eye
      4. help to clear less than perfect eyesight in general.  Please throw in a fascia reset for ALL of us!!!
      5. Please clear me of fibroids, breast lumps, and low thyroid, and bless my body by activating mitochondrial wisdom and vibrant life-force energy.
      6. Request healing for all my joints in my body because tendons, ligaments and muscles keep detaching, ripping and swelling.  
      7. Asking for healing and relief from the severe inflammation throughout my body.
      8. Requesting healing for Lyme disease 
      9. Asking for blessings for my upcoming right knee surgery.
      10. Help to clear me of HPV virus from body and any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) from this lifetime, any lifetimes past, present and future, 
      11. Strengthen my ovaries irregular menstrual periods, 
      12. Relief from excess hair growth & loss, cellulite, weight gain, hormonal imbalance, skin issues, anxiety and depression.
      13. Please help to clear me of my chronic bladder and pelvic issues and pain. 
      14. Clear the feeling of disrespect I feel from my dentist who is not listening to me and is dismissing my opinions and wants 
      15. Please help to heal the physical issues of circulation and edema due to 130 pounds of excess weight. 
      16. Please clear multiple issues caused by sexual, mental, physical, and religious abuse
      17. Constantly marginalized by men in power positions - employers, doctors, politicians etc…
      18. To feel confident, safe and beautiful inside and out and figure my hair and makeup out better so when I see my reflection I am pleased with how I look.
      19. Help me to clear all fibroids, uterine and breast issues and post menopausal hormone imbalances
      20.  To heal all lower back and hip pain and feeling unsupported by life
      21. soon I am having a procedure to determine if I need a stent in my heart - asking for prayers for quick recovery or clearing me from any blockages in my heart.
      22. Help to clear me from low libido, post-menopausal issues, and loss of interest in activities that used to bring me pleasure.
      23. Please help me clear my breast and armpit lumps on my body.
      24. Request healing for a chronic scalp problem - TOO much dandruff, big medicine helps, been treating for 60 years. 
      25. Thank you for awakening and activating our stem cells so that we can heal ourselves, rejuvenate our bodies to be at our optimum youthfulness, reach and maintain our ideal body weight, and be our most vibrant selves. 


      II) Clearing Issues and Challenges of Family & Loved Ones: 

      1. Please create a higher vibrational anchor point for my marriage and business to thrive and magnetize soul-aligned community and support.
      2. I deeply desire a partner who loves and adores me fully for ME – and does not diminish or seek to change me because I am not “enough” the way I am
      3. To rekindle a loving relationship with my grandson, resolving and clearing the issues which caused the family separation in this and all lifetimes.
      4. to have a relationship with my mother as she has dementia, and for peace and harmony and a Home.
      5. To heal the relationship with my family to be more loving - my children don't communicate or care for me.
      6. Help to clear all conflicts, disputes, traumas, grief, unreconciled situations between myself and all men that I have met in this lifetime, any lifetimes past, present and future. 
      7. Help me to forget and forgive the abusive relationships with all men (including my father and father's family). 
      8. Help me to forget and forgive myself for not being much stronger to fight for my own happiness and instead played the victim role in relationships with men.
      9. Please help me to continue to show forgiveness toward my youngest sister and my younger friend after that fateful Saturday night in Mexico!  
      10. Heal the estrangement from my husband, son, daughter and family for revealing the sexual and spiritual /occult abuse in the family.
      11. Asking for peace and healing for being denied, slandered, shunned, blackballed, cursed and betrayed all to avoid truth being known -  feeling very lonely these days.
      12. Please heal the pain of being bullied by men
      13. to have a healing for the relationship between my daughter and I and my daughter and her siblings
      14. Asking for blessings for domestic bliss, to be able to easily support myself and have a great place to live by the beach with a balcony view and an easy commute to work.
      15. Help me to reconcile a loving relationship with my spouse who is consumed with physical and mental health issues
      16. Asking for healing of the cause of attracting manipulative and disrespectful relationships in my life
      17. Help to foster a rekindling of the relationship with my husband, and send blessings to my dad, children, and grandchildren for the substance abuse issues they're dealing with.
      18. –family members of my family are having memory loss issues and we would like those to be cured and for the doctors to do the right thing and produce cures as soon as possible and any trials of new drugs we get first in line
      19. Help me to restore my relationship between my son and me, and make my heart to rejoice.
      20. Thank you for removing heart walls and intensifying our intuition and discernment skills so that we can fearlessly give and receive unconditional love.

      III) Harmonizing and Honoring Goddess Energy Worldwide

      1. Blessings for freeing the feminine once and for all!
      2. Blessings for women all over, particularly women who suffer horrific oppression at the hands of others
      3. For all women and girls to be set free to know their worth, their internal and external beauty, their power, their gifts, and their contribution to the world.
      4. Help to restore the harmonious relationship between the divine feminine and divine masculine within ALL humans and animals
      5. to bless and heal this reality and set us ALL free from the distortion and unconsciousness.
      6. For all countries to support a woman's right to bodily autonomy. 
      7. Prayers for the collective not to buy into prevailing beliefs about menopause, weight gain, fatigue and issues that are said to plague women
      8. Support and prayers for all women to have pay equality, safety, and freedom of choice.
      9. To stop thinking/believing and treating women as ‘less than’ and have no value or worth or that they don’t deserve respect, kindness or love.
      10. Allow for a multi-dimensional resolution of negative effects of the moon and lunar cycles and to reset planetary influences to original harmonious alignment
      11. Asking for protection and security of all females from any form of abuse, 
      12. Asking for a change in society for protection of women rights and same for their children.
      13. Asking for recognition, acceptance, equal treatment, respect for women for all they’ve done and continue to do. 
      14. Prayers to erase abuse in all forms, especially trafficking, any and all kinds and mistreatment of our sisters in other countries. 
      15. worldview healing for women/healers/whistleblowers to be valued, welcomed, seen for divinity, truth, courage, effectiveness as healers/women/wives/mothers/sisters/daughters/friends.
      16. Blessings for women to become empowered to receive an abundance in income, health, love relationships, loving and supportive community, homes and bodies where we are safe and strong.
      17. Let there be ONLY love in all of the world. Let all the killing, murder wars be in the past only. Taken advantage of by men. 
      18. For women’s voices and issues to be heard and respected and for men to honor and appreciate women on the deepest levels.
      19. Sending great blessings for all women in their role as mothers as they strive to raise happy, healthy, independent children.
      20. Please universe make a sacred wish come true immediately for every woman on this planet.
      21. Thank you for awakening the Goddess within all women, so that ALL people can rise up out of victimhood and live their lives as respected, empowered, sovereign beings.