THE DOWSER'S HANDBOOK: Pendulums, Muscle Testing, Applied Kinesiology (2017) - Digital PDF & Mobile Downloads

THE DOWSER'S HANDBOOK: Pendulums, Muscle Testing, Applied Kinesiology (2017) - Digital PDF & Mobile Downloads

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Primarily intended for dowsers (both with instruments and bodies), this handbook will serve as a reference and will allow you the opportunity to practice changing outcomes.  It can help build a foundation upon which you can develop even greater skill sets than mere dowsing. This is one of only a handful of books available on dowsing & muscle testing and many of those were written in the 80 & 90's - so consider this one of the more contemporary references relevant to our times.

*ALL BUYERS WILL RECEIVE A BONUS VIDEO featuring Jimmy giving a LIVE DEMO with a pendulum sharing easy to follow instructions for testing and clearing with My Liquid Fish™.

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Here's What People are Saying:

"Amazing Book! This is a must read for anyone that dowses/muscle tests or uses applied kinesiology or who is even thinking about it. This guide will help the novice as well as the seasoned dowser as well as teach you new techniques. Covering every area in detail, this is the book to have with you." ~ T.G. / Wisconsin

"I have had tremendous difficulty with muscle testing and dowsing for a long time. Sometimes it didn't work for me at all, sometimes it did a little, but it was pretty fuzzy.  I had a hard time discerning what I was "making up" and even at the best of times, the results weren't strong enough enough for me to make any kind of choice or planning based on them. I would watch my friends use these techniques with great accuracy and acumen and always felt like a dunce---a muggle among wizards. Jimmy's book changed everything for me. In very simple, practical instructions, he helped me straighten out my hinderances and begin using these tools with confidence. I can't recommend this book highly enough." ~ Cameron / Spokane, WA

"A Must-Read For Healing! These days, there’s an app for everything. But what most of us really need is to learn how to do things quickly and effectively for ourselves. That’s what this book gives you! It’s full of fast, efficient ways to test yourself for any issue that might arise. Knowledge is power! A must read! "~ B.B. / California