Turning On Your Abundance Switches - Dec. 2019

Turning On Your Abundance Switches - Dec. 2019

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Originally recorded December 11, 2019.

This call was all about Turning On Your Abundance Switches and we had some amazing contributions that focused on being comfortable with money, asking and allowing for more, deleting money blocks and negative beliefs. Know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand on things and cover the clearings in a much deeper way.

This download is a 30-minute video download file (Audio-only file available upon request)


-Creating your ability to be safe and comfortable with it all
-Bringing the ethereal rain of abundance and prosperity
-Allowing abundance and prosperity
-Being immersed in and fully present with abundance and prosperity
-Realizing that abundance and prosperity is our birthright and that things can and will change
-Having a reference point for abundance and prosperity allows us to expand to that place and if someone else did it, YOU can too
-Every day in every way, we are asking for expansion in these areas
-We are going to release past mistakes, stay out of worry about the future and allow for right now to be grounding and moving forward



      • Mail box money switch turned on for retirement!  
      • to become debt free by clearing ancestral debt from my DNA forward and back 17 generation 
      •  releasing the cycles of debt, 
      • to increase my wealth and design my true wealth legacy!
      •  I’d like to reset my money compass and activate my soul wealth.   
      •  But first I’ll need to ditch ALL of my limiting beliefs around money, clear contracts and karma about my ability, capacity and permission to have, hold and build wealth; clear unworthiness, fears, insecurities and trauma in my field that energetically push money away. 
      • recreate a new abundant, healthy and loving relationship with money and ALLOW myself to receive and attract a ton of easy money (at least a few hundred millions dollars for starters)
      • clear debt 
      • increase savings.  
      • Blocks to whatever stopping any abundance of money coming.  
      • Stuck in debt, 
      • remove blocks from past financial failures and disappointments
      • address ancestral patterns of poverty.
      • Any issues blocking for having to make my own living to support myself financially.
      •  make own money to live and live comfortably.
      •  I have more debt then half the money I have left from my inheritance 
      •  allowing myself to be conned by financial planners.
      • it's up to me to support myself.
      •  Remove blocks and download favorable frequencies for new endeavor (new career ~ free agent!
      • getting out of living paycheck to paycheck 
      • paying bills on time or even early, 
      •  and having money for fun & travel too.  
      • New opportunities in which to prosper.
      • Releasing scarcity and struggle from self and lineage.
      • All ancestral patterns related to poverty if any
      • All soul agreements with poverty or vow to never be wealthy
      • All energy patterns that block me from having/receiving money flow into my life with total ease
      • Trust and self - confidence related to receiving money with total ease
      • Confidence to spend/discuss about money with total ease
      • tendency to limit myself to what is probable rather than possible.  
      • feel like inspiration and optimism has been replaced with overly cautious reasonableness.  
      • Feeling the Abundance with my partner of 5 years, and helping us staying stronger in all levels together.
      • Helping my dad who is 90 dealing with his abundance and being taken advantage of financially by others
      • clearings of sabotaging thoughts regarding things always break, never works, never goes right or always goes wrong and we have to spend more money to fix...whether it's the house, things in the house, appliances/electronics, cars breaking down, or health problems.  
      • abused victim, slave, mom/wife/caretaker, not worth it issues in the subconscious level 
      • very underemployed  
      • overlooked and judged regarding my employment value  
      • manifesting prosperity and fulfilling income  
      • Joyous satisfaction
      • Inner radiating confidence/knowing, having optimal timing
      • cover receiving back monies owed from individuals it was loaned to but never paid back -- I'd like to bless them with the ability to make sufficient money to pay it back  
      • experience financial abundance, joy and good fortune as well. Good luck with competitions and lucky draws would also be great.    
      • Abundance,  I know it's there but I don't always see it.  
      • I want to address career as an issue. I really feel burned out in my job (13 years) and it’s not fulfilling me in any way at all, despite a recent promotion. A lot more work, and marginal pay increase. Makes me feel depressed, especially on Sunday’s thinking about the new week beginning. But it seems that as I try to move forward with my passions, it’s become frustrating for me that things are not moving forward in a positive way as steadily as I would like.