Turning On Your Breakthrough Switches - April 2020

Turning On Your Breakthrough Switches - April 2020

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Originally recorded April 29, 2020.

This particular recording had a lot to cover and many many topics came up as a result of the concerns people wrote in about for what's next after the global lockdown and coming out of this Covid-19 pandemic. We want to focus on breaking through the "ground-hog day feeling" and preparing your plan for moving forward. 

What came out of it were powerful clearings of beliefs and resistant energy that may be in the way and laying the energetic path to moving forward and starting over with a clean slate. We broke these items down into issues focused on Work/Job Concerns, Money Concerns, Personal/Health/Relationship Concerns, World Concerns/Safety/Freedom, Clearings Resistance and Moving Forward. 

Know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand on things and cover the clearings in a much deeper way.

This is a 30-minute video and a large download file*  

Listener comments:

"That was another awesome sauce call last night...a lot of good clearing and adding the good stuff that others wrote about too that I didn't /couldn't think of! I'm looking forward to the future....so grateful for the call, the calming energies, and for the time/effort you both put in to support us in our time of need!" - Susie  

What folks wrote in about:


    • concerned about the increased competition post pandemic in my industry 
    • concerned my field of endeavor won't come back even to what it was   
    • concerned about finding a BETTER way, to make a living - than what I have been doing and is this (probable/possible) with down economy    
    • want to begin doing more satisfying and energizing work to have a workplace where the work is fulfilling on all levels
    • Turn off the constant job challenges and have a stable job where I’m valued, appreciated, respected and paid for what I do
    • Turn on switch for doing work that I love that sings to my soul & pays me well
    • asking for clarity on the new endeavors available to me, NEW ideas for the future with clearer direction for the motivation and tools I need 
    • For my business to catapult forward beyond where it’s ever been so that it’s making more than enough to meet my financial needs 
    • I really don't want to and strongly resist going back to work -  don't want to do the odd jobs I have been doing and ones that pushed me to my limits 
    • I want to move on to a bigger scale serving     


    • asking to turn on financial stability switch
    • keep money coming to me in much greater amounts than that going out.  
    • please finally turn on the financial abundance switch to achieve financial security once and for all 
    • Turn off ancestral interference or whatever else may be causing the financial challenges of all in my family and for future generations as well  
    • Release the blocks to having more money than I need flowing in and stop just getting by


    • being organized so that my life can flow easily  
    • getting more sleep and improving deep sleep cycles   
    • increase my desire to exercise in order to create more strength, flexibility and endurance.  
    • to easily regain or better my physical fitness level including gut health  
    • Continue the joy of life - being able to participate in activities that bring pleasure   
    • having more self-worth, self-love, self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-belief
    • Turn on switch for creativity, self expression- discovering a new talent or re-discovering an old talent
    • That my high vibe positive confident energy comes back to a hundred percent-plus and surpasses what it was before  
    • to remain calm and be able to see the way forward    
    • continuing to have a strong community connection 
    • Turn on switch for living my full potential and utilizing all my gifts 
    • concerned about the weight I've put on will be hard to get off
    • Turn on switch for having a beautiful, fulfilling relationship with my spouse, children and family members


    • Resistance to new changes/ having to change
    • releasing negative thinking/fear of past/old patterns and fear of the future
    • Releasing the "poor me" feeling of not having a family or support system
    • Releasing the "just giving up" feeling 
    • Releasing confusion about which direction to take now
    • I don't want to leave and go back out there, I like it at home
    • I lack motivation to clean the house, get up early for work, get dressed, I never want to do anything
    • concerned about stress levels rising even more than before.  
    • i have regrets for all I didn’t accomplish and all I did wrong at home. 
    • feeling lack of resilience and lack of motivation 


    • concerned with what they're doing with this vaccine thing
    • concerned about living under tighter “Big Brother” controls ie: personal tracking, Internal Passports, required vaccines ... 
    • concerned about moving forward in our world with so much uncertainty of the future  
    • to have freedom and comfort to travel again   
    • concerns about the entire economy collapsing if this goes on my much longer: shortages of food, as well as a steep rise of food prices.   
    • empathically picked up on the nervousness of others 
    • remove any and all germophobic/OCD thoughts, feelings and beliefs we have, including fear of germs/diseases and germs are bad for us.    


    • moving forward with inspiration, optimism, better focus and vitality in happiness, grace, and ease
    • finding purpose in each day or purpose finding me
    • Remove all barriers to my limitations for a successful life on what I want to achieve (achieve goals no longer dream for them)
    • making progress every day with a new-found sense of purpose and drive 
    • have an uncontrollable exuberance and zest for life that carries me throughout my day  
    • I always have new dreams I’m envisioning and accomplishing  
    •  feeling encouraged about my future
    • restore and renew life into my hopes, dreams and wishes  
    • I'm on a steady and smooth path forward
    • feel grounded, whole and complete & ready to move forward
    • i see opportunities all around to rise above with positivity
    • I am in a healthy frame of mind to move forward & thrive
    • i have a clean slate and know anything is possible
    • i embrace all of my strengths and let them shine through
    • I am experiencing a renaissance of a can-do attitude towards the direction of my dreams!
    • I am now restored and restarted, invigorated and inspired. 
    • I look forward to every sunrise and the opportunities this day brings because each day is a clean slate to work with.