Turning On Your Unlimited Luck Switches - March 2020

Turning On Your Unlimited Luck Switches - March 2020

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Originally recorded March 25, 2020.

This call was on fire!  We went through so many pieces relating to luck and aligning and disentangling from symbols, sayings, and superstitions about luck.  We fished OUT the negative statements of belief and fished IN the positive, clearing blocks and turning ON and OFF switches and ending with a very special prayer at the end of the call. 

We received some amazing contributions that will benefit all listeners now and in the future and know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand on things and cover the clearings in a much deeper way. 

This download is a 30-minute video download file*

"What I notice most after having attended the Abundance/Supercharging Abundance, Luck, Breakthrough Switches, and I'm sure even more so after next week's Work/Life Switches call, is that I'm not worried.  I truly feel more and more fortunate and abundant in my blessings, monetary and otherwise.  Your work has been such an important and integral part of my healing process and self-improvement efforts, and I thank you so much for that. Also, the Windfall MP3 is wonderful.  I very much appreciate and am so grateful for your generosity in keeping things affordable." - T. Diaz / Boulder, CO 

"Jimmy, great session/zoom meeting tonight! Thank you for all you do! Feeling Awesomeness! ️Blessings of Love and Light."- Phyllis Ann

"Another wonderful switch session! I'm deeply grateful for your time and effort putting together and presenting "Turning On Your Unlimited Luck Switches", I'm feeling lighter and luckier after listening, and I can't wait to play it for a family member in my house who has had bad luck experiences!  Looking forward to the next one. Many hugs and many blessings." - Susie

"Just letting you know, even through my Massage business is shut down for a few weeks, a client jumped on line and bought a 6-pack of massage from me. Totally unexpected because she already had a package. WOW! Right after that I walked my front porch there was a  Red Box that said OPEN FOR EVERYDAY MAGIC! I know that is coming from spirit!!!!" -  Lynn P.

"Thank you so much for this replay. You were on fire! I don't know what will come of it but I can say for sure that I feel 'changed'. Much appreciated!" - Diane P.


-- Align with symbols/sayings about luck - "luck of the Irish", the Midas golden touch, four leaf clover, lucky horseshoe, lucky rabbit's foot, blowing on dice before rolling, wishing on a falling star, it's in the cards … other cultural symbols for luck
-- Disentangle from all the expressions/superstitions.... broken mirror =7 yrs bad luck, Friday the 13th, the number 13, black cat crosses your path, step on a crack, running out of luck, it's not in the cards

Negative Statements/Beliefs fished out

  • I feel unlucky or cursed

  • My lucky streak ran out

  • Playing lotto, entering raffles/contest/sweepstakes is wrong

  • I never win anything

  • I'm always one number away

  • I’m always so close, it never happens

  • It’s hard to be disappointed when not winning

  • I expect to be disappointed

  • I always get my hopes up and wind up disappointed

  • If I don't win, I conclude I have a block and I must not be doing it right

  • Expecting to win/receive is just creating false hope

  • winning is just a fantasy

  • I fear developing a gambling addiction

  • I can only win so much, I already had my share

  • I fear others will know I have money and come after me if I win

  • It's not possible to have infinite winning/ unlimited luck

  • I can't manifest

  • Money forgot about me

  • if i make money it's always small money for very hard physical work

  • I have to be/stay poor so others don't ask for my money

  • Something unexpected always happen and I lose money again 

  • I can't build my savings

  • a glass ceiling or other limits affect my receiving a higher salary/income

  • Not good enough to receive a greater income

  • Having more money would disrupt my life and cause issues

  • It is easier to just go with the status quo

  • It is hard work to make more money

  • I don't have enough energy to make more money

Positive Statements/Beliefs fished in:
  • I have best offers for my dream job

  • I can easily work and profit from anywhere in this world

  • I have so much money, that I can take care of my family and help others

  • It's ok to receive windfalls as commonplace

  • Unexpected money always support and follow me.

  • Miracle money is coming my way

  • I am recognized for my work and receive a great increase in my pay

  • I am confident about it being ok to have money and to earn money through day trading on the Stock Market

Clearing Blocks/Switches
  • Clear all my blocks to believing in luck, to being worthy of luck, and to receiving luck.

  • Clear all my blocks and unluckiness with timing that cause me to end up in the wrong place, the wrong line, the wrong seat, meeting the wrong people, being somewhere at the wrong time, doing something at the wrong time, and having the wrong experiences/situations

  • Turn off my unlucky switch that things don’t go right for me, things break/malfunction or don’t work around me or for me, or that things never go right in my life.

  • Turn on my unlimited luck switch for everything to work out well for me with highly successful/favorable outcomes in my health, my relationships, with things/electrical and mechanical, in all my financial dealings, in my business ventures, in all mental and physical games/sports I participate in and in all games of chance/lottery I participate in.

  • Turn off my unlucky/bad luck switches in all these same areas

  • Clear anything  blocking me from being successful, receiving money and maintaining a balanced financial profile

  • and a very special prayer at the end of the call