Turning On Your Youth & Vitality Switches - Sept. 2019

Turning On Your Youth & Vitality Switches - Sept. 2019

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Originally recorded September 4, 2019.

This is a full 30 minutes of live energetic boosts with advanced fast and deep specialty clearings and a super-charged prayer that will turn on your youth & vitality switches and so much more! We go really, really fast on these calls and we go much faster than we could if it were a 30-min one-on-one session (which would also be 3x the cost). We cover so much and go through such deep material and know that you are benefiting just by being a listener. And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand on things and cover the clearings in a much deeper way.

This download is a 30-minute video download file*


--Clear everyone to yes
--Release any unclear
--Have everyone and everything running forward
--Activate believe think know and feel that audio recordings, and video will work for them
--Regardless of whether it’s Jimmy Mack or their own or any other author or speaker
--Work on Receiving, deserving and worthy
--Happy and joyful, wants to die
--On board for living and thriving
--Collapse the time line of everyone and their age to half of what it is now
--Stress, worry, anger, resentment, fear and guilt releases
--Go through a process that will have each person realize their own personal, wishes, goals, hopes and dreams

-- I’ve been having trouble with my eyebrows- patchiness and hair falling out.
-- The topic I am interested in is hair loss and thinning. 
-- Removing moles on skin would be my second topic
-- Issue here is LOW IMMUNITY
--menopausal weight gain & brain clarity
--My issues are fatty liver, excess weight, neck problems, itching skin, digestion irregularity. Number one is fatty liver if having to choose one.
-- I'd like bone and muscle strengthening on the call
--indigestion, digestion, slow metabolism, sluggish, lacking energy, fatigue, lack of sleep.,inflammation, aches and pains.  
--Hair thinning and loss, as well as healthy way of letting go of extra 20 lbs :-). 
--Thicker fuller hair & digestion
--I’m wondering if you can address graying hair? Some way to revert back to natural hair color we were born with?
--hormone balancing 
--addressing deep lip wrinkles

Includes a very special prayer at the end.