[YOUTH & VITALITY] MyBeliefWorks™ for Restoring the Fountain of Youth and Vitality MP3 & PDF

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MyBeliefWorks™ for Restoring the Fountain of Youth and Vitality 

Word tracks to heal and restore aging, by rejuvenating, stimulating and time traveling back to internal set and restore points when you were at your best!

Includes over 200 clearings on one (1) 50-minute MP3 Audio & 1 PDF written transcript 

The clearings are grouped into these sections:

I) Restoring Body

II) Strengthening Emotional Fulfillment, Joy for Life & Contribution

III) Healing Ancestry & The Soul

IV) Strengthening Inner Beauty and Self-Love

V) Strengthening Self-Empowerment and Clear Boundaries

VI) Renewing Hopes & Dreams

Instantly playable on any computer or mobile device!

Jimmy also recorded a full 30 minutes of live energetic boosts with advanced fast and deep specialty clearings and a super-charged prayer that will turn on your youth & vitality switches and so much more! - You can purchase the Video Replay separately here: "Turning on Your Youth & Vitality Switches." 


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Here's What People Are Saying...

"The new Fountain of Youth  MP3 is way beyond all others Jimmy has created.  It contains everything you think you want to change in your life and so much more that you never even imagined. It could create a whole new you!! Imagine that!" - Rocky / Florida

Vitality is a word we see in articles and on products but it usually feels abstract or unattainable. What’s remarkable about this download is that after listening to it, the definition of vitality felt more realistic, more incorporated, more in the now. It made me realize that true vitality is actually equal parts energy AND calmness, the combination of youthful zest and the peace of maturity…best of both worlds! Thanks Jimmy!" - Bebe B. / Los Angeles

"I have had success with Jimmy Mack and his healing techniques in all different modalities including his MP3's.  This Fountain of Youth new MP3 is another effective choice.  I just love his soothing, sultry meditation voice.  My body felt all tingly as I continued listening.   I have listened to it three times and continue noticing a difference with feeling better in different ways.   Always a sense of peace after listening and my body definitely feels more at ease and peaceful. Thanks so much for the great work you do Jimmy Mack! " - Kathryn M. / Pennsylvania

"Well Mr. Mack, you've really done it this time. Your new Mp3 managed to cover every single possible item that one could think of for "youthing it"! When I listened, I felt so much gratitude afterwards in my heart and mind and body. The next morning I still felt extremely positive and happy, almost childlike. I took a dip in the pool and have a new Turkish bath towel that I just wanted to stay swaddled up in all day afterwards. I think I went back to infancy. It was a physical and mental feeling of being free and happy and deserving of it all! Yep, just like a kid, not over-thinking anything and living for the moment! This MP3 is truly delightful and powerful. Thank you so much Jimmy, I know you put a lot of work into this one!" - Kathryn D. / Virginia

"I love Jimmy's new program, Fountain of Youth... From the first minute of clearings my body responded with releases, shifts, and energetic upgrades. This audio comprehensively covers all areas of body, mind, and spirit; from energetic and molecular, through physical, and emotional. I already feel different - more vibrant, youthful, more comfortable in my skin, and excited about my life! There are so many golden nuggets and gentle reminders of how to lead and create my every day life and how to make better and healthier choices. Thank you, Jimmy!!!"  - Gosia Lorenz / California 

"This is a big beautiful bundle of healing. After the first listen I realized I had been in survival mode since the age of 5. After the second listen I felt relieved, tons of realizations came in and I slept like a baby, I don't think I slept like a baby as a baby lol. I feel beautiful and light! I feel different although I can't say exactly what has changed, that's magical!!" - T. G.

"I was excited to hear how we can make ourselves young again physically, mentally and spiritually. I actually had tears roll down my face several times while letting go of what had happened to us in our childhood and letting the inner child heal! I felt stronger smarter and even a little lighter! Looked in the mirror to see if I looked better and smiled!!! Lol " - Donna S. / New York

I am a Jimmy devotee and have had profound shifts from listening to his audios. This new one on reverse aging is my favorite, there’s the obvious tune into how you look and feel, but there's also a lot of investment in how looking and feeling good allows you to serve others with the greatest ease and a lot of attention towards creating an inner vibrancy that is visible and palpable. I feel the shifts on all levels from physical to the spirit. Thank you as always Jimmy!
PS. after listening a few times I went out the other night and got carded!!! It's been awhile since that happened as I am in my early 30's." - Marley V. / South Africa 

"WOW!  Great energy and very comprehensive.  I’ll keep you posted on results as they manifest.  I love the format, it makes the audio cleaner and keeps the vibration high. I created a new playlist with Fountain of Youth, Abundance and Magic 8 Ball.  It’s running on a loop. Love you and the positive contribution you and your guides continue to make!" Pat T.  

"Jimmy, I want to thank you for all of your work. I have a few of your MP3's and have had several sessions with you. I can't begin to explain all of the healing and changes in my life. Some of the bigger changes that I have noticed are: I feel safe, I never realized that I didn't feel safe, however we often don't realize something until it is healed. I always had in the back of my mind that something could or would happen to me, those programs and thoughts are gone. Second, I'm much healthier in relationships, my communications and understandings are much better. My relationship with my mother is 100% better. My work and personal relationships have also improved drastically. I also want to get out and do things, go places and enjoy what life has to offer, being more in the moment and enjoying the moment instead of worrying about it. There are many other healings and changes that are just as profound, but that would be a book. I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do, you are kind and gracious and  your intentions are pure. With all my heart and love, thank you Jimmy Mack." -  T.G. / Milwaukee

"I have a number of recordings of Jimmy's work that I began listening to on a regular basis - MBW Abundance, Fountain Youth & Destiny Purpose.  In the past several years I have NOT been able to meditate the way I used to. I used to sit cross-legged on my couch, but my knees have been hurting me so much that I had to stop.  The other day I just didn't want to meditate sitting in a chair with my legs straight on the floor so I just plopped on the couch & crossed my legs. Then I noticed - hey how is this that I'm all of a sudden being able to do this??  then it came to me that the recording I've been listening to each night, Fountain of Youth, just might be the reason why.  Kudos Jimmy.  I may be onto something and there's hope yet for turning back the clock!  Loving the beauty that you are. " - Janet Gattsek