Turning on Your Freedom Switches -  July 2020

Turning on Your Freedom Switches - July 2020

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Originally recorded July 29, 2020.

This call was all about Turning on our Freedom Switches.  Everybody participating did a fabulous job of writing in and coming up with some amazing requests. We broke the items down into Freedom from Physical Issues, Financial Issues, Emotional Issues and Old Patterns, Freedom from Blocks to Spiritual Connection and Freedom to Have  Receive. 

There were so many I thought we might go over time but they flowed so well, we blazed right through them all in this very exciting half-hour clearing call that is sure to rock your world! And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand on things and cover the clearings in a much deeper way.

This is a 30-minute video and a large download file*  

"This call was amaaaazing!" - Theresa K.
"I just wanted to say thank you guys for such an amazing call the other night. Each and every person’s wishes and intentions were so beautiful and the clearing of the collective felt huge. In Gratitude."  - Lila / UK



  • Freedom from whatever I'm hiding from myself that is causing low back pain
  • Freedom from hearing loss and restored to normal range.
  • Freedom from what's causing my joints/bones to creak a lot throughout my body and head. It’s painless, but mentally unnerving.  
  • Freedom from the extra "pandemic pounds" I've gained!  
  • Freedom from carrying too much fat on my body
  •  freedom from my weight loss plateau and stressful food issues   
  •  Freedom from eating more than my body needs   
  • Freedom from High blood pressure.  
  • freedom from physical pain
  • Freedom from Pain, mobility & health 'issues'  
  • Freedom from the one bad habit in particular that I've had for decades now
  •  freedom from my smoking habit.    
  •  Freedom from all spinal and tumor related issues for my father-in-law.  
  •  freedom from all intestinal issues creating discomfort and unnatural functioning.  
  •  Freedom from a diagnosis of Polycystic Kidney Disease.  
  •  Freedom from whatever may be blocking me from financial abundance & prosperity, stability & success  
  •  I am ready to be free from any financial dependence from relationships, marriage, financial institution, current circumstances, and achieve great success and wealth in this lifetime.
  •  I am ready to remove all blocks/stuckness from myself, family to align with financial stability for sustainable prosperity. 
  • I am done with being scared of losing my job, lack of money,  lack of business, lack of clients   
  •  freedom from the belief that I have to work harder/longer for increased income.  
  •  freedom from the NEGATIVE ENERGY around my JOB,  
  •  Freedom to manifest my desires/ windfall of monies and assets in 3D now  
  •  freedom from not being and having abundance and all good things 

  • Freedom from procrastination and apathy toward completing daily routines and tasks 
  • Freedom from negative self-talk and beliefs, especially those which include shame, guilt, and not being worthy or deserving.
  • I'm SO ready to give up FEAR, Anxiety and Worry about Covid affecting my family and people I love 
  • Freedom from pain and disappointment of specific past events
  • Freedom from Self Sabotage  
  • Freedom from my all-consuming NEGATIVE SELF-TALK AND BELIEFS
  • Freedom from anger of brother's lack of integrity in last months of our father's life
  • Freedom from disdain towards my husband
  • Freedom from procrastination in self care
  •  free from doubt/uncertainty/procrastination of how I create.  
  •  I am ready to remove all blocks/stuckness of procrastination from me, in all areas of my life to move forward successfully.  
  •  I’m ready to give up fatigue and procrastination.  
  • freedom from thinking/believing things are ‘too hard’ for me to do on my own so I don’t start
  •  Freedom from sad feelings about friends I've lost contact with and release the sadness of not having them in my life anymore.
  • I am ready to give up my anger and resentment toward people, issues and places when being made wrong or feeling unappreciated.
  • I am ready to be free from needing to be, do and say things "right" or "perfectly"
  • freedom from not being able to say No without guilt or bad feelings
  • freedom from self-doubt and any undermining, limiting beliefs about myself  
  • freedom from past failures in relationships and in my acting career   
  • Freedom from taking things way too personally
  • Freedom from trauma, and pain, fear and control, whether mine or other's 
  • freedom from my codependency with my son.
  • freedom from my anger and resentment of my ex-husband and the emotional pain he's caused and Freedom and forgiveness for myself for allowing it
  •  I am ready to change the energy around me to enable me to help others and mend the rift with my husband.    
  •  Freedom from feeling I’m not good enough 
  • freedom from lack of motivation 
  • freedom from lack of clarity, knowing and second guessing myself.
  • I'm ready to be free of feeling that I am “not good enough” and free of comparisons to other people.
  •  freedom from Stress and Tension  
  •  freedom from codependency of family and release of toxic family energy  - need to put ME first.
  • freedom from Abandonment issues
  • Freedom from excess stress
  • Freedom from constant struggle
  • Freedom from forever strife
  • Freedom from doubt or indifference/indecision.
  • Freedom from past toxic, verbal abuse, unkind relationships with family and friends
  • freedom from any and all beliefs that are holding me back from having ease in romance, friendships, and exceptional health
  • freedom from all unworthiness, self criticism, rage, hate, stress, unloving thoughts  
  • freedom from living in a house of sorrow, where nobody knows how to or wants to move on and heal  
  • freedom to release all energetic and karmic connections to former spouse, including judgements, non-forgiveness, resentment, blaming him for my current circumstances.  
  • Independence from narcissistic people, negativity, lack of confidence.  
  •  Freedom from caring what neighbors or other people think  
  •  Freedom from being affected by people's or friends' unkindness/lack of truly caring  
  •  freedom from the pattern of almost succeeding or temporarily succeeding only to have a huge setback all the way back or worse so that I never see any real outward progress. 
  •  Freedom from people not respecting and appreciating what I am and what I offer in ALL areas of life      
  • Freedom from being affected by other people's fear
  • Freedom from getting upset/angry from government mandates (ie: masks, stay at home orders..)
  • freedom from merely surviving to THRIVING
  • freedom from a life of boring ground hog day to one that's new, exciting and unfolding
  • Freedom from entanglements with other people, past, current and future
  • Freedom from unwanted family involvement for me and my wife.


  • I am ready to release all blocks/stuckness that won't allow me to utilize all my psychic abilities accurately.
  • Freedom from fear of actualizing my spiritual gifts, kundalini, siddhi's etc.  
  • to be free to receive my inner wisdom without being pulled out of alignment  
  • End entity attachment and dark force interference from this life and past lives
  • Freedom from a Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde husband and kids who snap easily at me with impatience and have resistance to listening/supporting me.
  • freedom to have my pineal gland open up and my chakras balanced.
  • freedom to release all that is blocking my heart chakra to fully open to unconditional love
  • freedom to release any blocks in connecting to spirit (hearing, channeling).    


  • free to have patience and be gentle towards others in my family with my words & behavior
  • freedom to have a new start, new home, and a business utilizing my art
  • Freedom to jump for joy for no reason  
  • freedom to bring in optimal health
  • I am ready to have perfect health and fitness in all areas of this body  
  • Freedom to bring in a flexible work situation with generous remuneration
  • freedom to bring in a special partner, husband/wife to share my life
  • I am now ready to open up to healthy relationships.    
  • Freedom to do all things consciously and unconsciously that will enhance the quality of my life.    
  • I am ready to be free to have my income greatly exceed my expenses, and all debts, loans, cards are paid in full  
  • freedom to live in love, prosperity and abundance with everything according to the divine plan 
  • I’m ready for all my medications/supplements to work perfectly and bring my body into its optimal best    
  • I am ready to be free from physical and mental pain created by myself and imposed by others  
  • Freedom not to accept the erratic energy of others.  
  • Freedom of being honored, rewarded and supported at work.
  • Freedom to play and enjoy life every day.
  • Freedom of having plenty of rest.
  • Freedom to manage large amounts of money easily with excellent financial planning 
  • Freedom to work from home
  • Freedom to travel to “healing and sacred” locations across the US
  • Freedom to pick up and travel at the last minute when it's safe to do so
  • I am ready to free the locked down area of my heart.  
  • freedom to remain positively focused in all the best ways
  • to be free to receive divine and harmonious guidance in finding a lovely place to live!
  •  Freedom to be aligned for an EASY, happy, perfectly priced 2nd home for this coming year  
  • I am ready to receive guidance and clarity and create this as a win-win outcome     
  •  freedom to do the things that make my life easier and more productive.  
  • Freedom to have the energy to completely act and follow through on divine action so I can thrive in and with love in all areas of life 
  •   freedom for humanity to honor the rainbow covenant with God so we may all be prosperous with long fruitful lives    
  •  I am ready to be free to bring in an income for doing my happy work!  
  •  freedom to step into being a master and a confident artist     
  •   free to receive enlightenment and heart opening so we may find our way through these tumultuous times with grace and ease   
  •   Freedom to move forward to achieve great success in all my endeavours with joy and ease.