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These calls are unique in that you have the benefit of tapping into a multitude of issues that our participants with truly insightful comments have submitted for the group each month on a different topic.  We compile that list of dozens of write-ins and one by one, Jimmy clears them ALL together during the live calls. 

And know too that during the LIVE call, Jimmy brings in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand on things and cover the clearings in a much deeper way.  

The value in this is tremendous! Instead of paying $68 for a half hour one-on-one with Jimmy where you might clear a dozen or so items, you can join our group each month for just $22 where together in 30 minutes you will watch in silence and amazement as you hear and feel the shifts of over 100 items - most of which you haven’t even thought of until you hear them LIVE!!

The live calls are open exclusively to Jimmy's newsletter subscribers by invitation only (anyone can subscribe here for free).  We cover so much and go through such deep material and know that you are benefiting just by being a listener to any of the replays available here.


We've stumbled onto some new level of My Liquid Fish® technology and I want you all to read closely here, it's simple and profound and it's going to take more than one viewing of the videos to get it.

For decades I have been saying, “my bad luck switch is turned off" or "my good luck switch is turned on” and obviously we need to fish one way or the other if they aren’t on track. 

Now scientists are talking about a device called a "quantum switch" which defies the concepts of ‘before’ and ‘after’. The apparatus works by putting particles of light through a series of two operations FIRST OR LAST.  Scientists have given a sequence of events the quantum treatment. Two events, A and B, occur in both orders simultaneously: A before B, and B before A. The switch can be in BOTH On and Off states. I go into a deeper analogy about a dimmer switch in the audio clip above so be sure to listen.

If we can defy before and after, I believe that with MLF we can change/influence a negative into a positive state as quickly as an issue came on.

Now if you’re scratching your head on that one... don’t, because we’ve simplified it even more.

You remember back in the day, there was a little rounded dial that controlled the light/fan in the room (think of a dimmer switch).  And if you barely clicked it, it was ON but the light wasn't bright and the fan was barely turning.  You needed to turn the dial up to let more electricity flow and really get it going or you could turn the dial down and switch it all the way OFF.

So now thinking of that light switch on a wall that uses electricity to turn the light On (A) or Off (B).  With your pendulum or standing sway test, you get your energetic Yes or No in response to a statement you make and then you use My Liquid Fish™ to flick the switch to either ON or OFF.

With My Liquid Fish® Change made simple® we’re now saying look at everything as if it were a switch ie: Body, mind, spirit, money, relationships, health, emotions... Like using the "quantum switch", if both outcomes can exist at the same time on the quantum level, we can "flick the switch" and influence/improve the positive outcome of a situation by fishing. 

Play with it, like I have been for a while now, but expand your concept of it and go BIG and test statements and fish for your ON switches... "my stress switch is on" if it tests as Yes, then fish it/flick it to off. Then you can say "My calm switch is on" and if it tests no, then fish/flick the switch on. Try stating, "My intuition switch is on", if tests Yes, then leave it.  (you get the idea). 

Have fun with it, don’t judge or poke it to death, just play and let me know what happens for you.  Think more in terms of simplicity and that bad stuff can change into good stuff pretty darn fast.  


Listener Testimonial:

“The call felt like a bath of cosmic Light that filled the soul and soothed the traumas throughout this lifetime.  It was a humbling event with numbers of participants whose insightful requests were not only for themselves but requested and for everyone on the call. The effect amplified the energies, creating a camaraderie that we’ve all been there and were releasing and healing similar traumas.  It was so beautiful!!!... for lack of words to describe it. Quantum gratitude to Jimmy, with his masterful orchestration of the energies, to the Assistants of Light that were involved, and to the participants on the call.” - Diane L. / Australia

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